Hillary Clinton

I am a woman who doesn’t care that Hillary Clinton is the first woman to secure the nomination of a major political party in America, or that she could be the first woman President of the United States. Over the last week we have heard a lot about this historical moment, and there are a lot of people saying that even if you don’t like her politics, you should acknowledge the historical aspect of this moment and be proud of it if you are a woman. There are many women who say that even if they don’t like her, this is an inspiring moment. To me, this is such backwards thinking disguised as progressivism.

First of all, I don’t buy into identity politics. The idea that an aspect of a person that they have absolutely no control over, such as their gender or race, is a reason to support someone for President of the United States is as absurd as saying that you would NOT support someone because of their gender or race. In America, it is not acceptable by the general population to demean someone because of their gender or race, so why on earth should we celebrate someone because of it? Hillary Clinton did not choose to be a female, she was born that way. The fact that she is a female adds nothing to her qualifications (or in this case, lack thereof) to be the leader of the free world. What does Hillary’s being a female do to help me, as an American citizen, live in a better America? Does her gender help our wages to go up? Does her gender help to combat ISIS? Does her gender help to stop mass shootings? Does her gender alone help to improve anything in our country or lives? Living in America in 2016, in a country that is a melting pot for different races, genders, cultures, religions, etc., you would think that the focus when choosing someone for a job, including that of President, would be solely based on qualifications and not based on gender or race. You would think that after all of the feminists fought so hard for companies and businesses to not look at a person’s gender in determining if they are qualified for the job, they would want to do the same in this situation. You would think that we’d have gotten to a point where we recognize that just because someone is female, or black, or Asian, or tall, or short, or brown-eyed, or blue-eyed, doesn’t mean they are more or less qualified for a position. You would think we would focus on achievements and competence.

Some may say that her gender gives her a female perspective so she is more likely to focus on issues that matter to women. Except that when you look at her as a person, and her history and what she has actually DONE, it’s clear that she does not fight for women. Someone who fights for women doesn’t go after her husband’s sexual assault victims to discredit them. Someone who fights for women doesn’t accept money from foreign countries that treat women as second class citizens. Even her views of abortion are only in line with 14% of the population, as most women in America do not believe that abortion in the third trimester should be legal. So not only does her gender alone not necessarily make her an advocate for women, but we have selected a woman whose ACTIONS have been against the interests and well being of women. Have the lives of blacks in America improved because of the first black president? Not according to statistics, and the fact that 65% of people in America believe that race relations in our country are currently problematic.

Second of all, I do not need Hillary Clinton to become the first female president in order for me to be able to tell my daughters that they can do anything that they strive for, including being President of the United States. I could tell my daughters that anyway. The idea that women are somehow still held back in America until a woman becomes president, and the idea that somehow a woman becoming president breaks down all sorts of other barriers, is just untrue. There is no reason why one of my girls cannot become President of the United States, or the CEO of a corporation, or cannot start her own successful business, whether or not Hillary wins. It’s not like if Hillary loses the election, I will have to sit down and tell my daughters, “well, I guess you can’t achieve your dreams”. In fact, I think it is dangerous for parents to over-emphasize the significance in Hillary’s gender role in all of this. By doing so, you are telling them that they SHOULD focus on gender when making judgements about others. You are telling them that unless Hillary Clinton, or some other famous woman, accomplishes her goals, then my girls can’t accomplish their goals. If Hillary loses the election, I would still tell my daughters they could be President if they strived for it. If Hillary loses the election, I will still tell my daughters that as long as they work hard and have integrity, they will be able to accomplish their dreams.

Third of all, I do not want my daughters looking up to Hillary Clinton because she stands for everything that I stand against. I do not want my daughters to think that it is ok to lie and put others down in order to get ahead. I don’t want my daughters to stay with a man who is a womanizer just because they will get farther in their professional life if they stay with him. I do not want my daughters to think that there is a different set of rules for the political class to play by than there is for the rest of us. I don’t want my daughters to think that it is ok to be corrupt and disregard laws and rules as long as you have already reached a certain level of money and power. I do not want my daughters to think it is ok to sacrifice their principles for money and power. I do not want my daughters to look at the first woman president and say, “wow, she was so corrupt and unscrupulous, but everyone celebrated her anyway because she was a woman”. My daughters, and my son, will be taught to live their lives with integrity and good character, to put their values above their wallets or ambitions. Therefore, I do not want Hillary Clinton as a role model for my kids. And the idea that just because she is a woman, she represents me or anything that I believe in, is the epitome of sexism.

As a mere historical fact, should Hillary win the election, it will be noted that Hillary Clinton was the first woman President of the United States. Other than that, there is nothing in particular that should be celebrated about a woman becoming President. It does not mean that she will be a good President, and it does not mean she will be a bad President. Her gender, in fact and in practice, actually means nothing at all. It is all just a blind, backwards way of thinking designed to get people excited about an otherwise un-exciting candidate.

Bernie Sanders Supporter Protester DNC 2016

This Democratic convention seems to have a very disturbing underlying theme, and it is one that I believe accurately reflects the current state of the party and of liberals in America. That is the theme of criminality: the party supports criminal behavior, and does not support rule of law or enforcing American laws.

Yesterday on the opening day of the convention, they highlighted a young girl and her illegal immigrant mother. This girl told her very sad story of how she is constantly afraid every day that her parents are going to get deported. She also told of how Hillary Clinton told her that she was very “brave”. Well, her mother cannot be too afraid of deportation if she chooses to go and stand on a national stage in front of the entire country and declare that she is here illegally. She cannot be that afraid of being deported if she is going to put herself out there and declare that she is a law-breaker. Because that is what she is – a lawbreaker. She has broken the laws of our country by coming into it and living here illegally. So what is the message that the democratic party is sending by having this person speak? That this particular law doesn’t matter. We do not like this law, so we advocate just ignoring it. We support people who ignore this law, and we want to assist them to continue ignoring this law as much as we can. President Obama’s executive orders on immigration were deemed unconstitutional by the courts because, well, they were. A president, a candidate, or any other individual person in America cannot just decide that they do not like a particular law and therefore rule that as a nation we no longer have to enforce that law. If Donald Trump were to become president and were to sign an executive order stating that all gun control measures currently on the books, including background checks, were not going to be enforced because he doesn’t like them, would we as a nation be ok with that? No, of course not. If you do not like a law on the books, there are channels to try to change the law. But choosing to just ignore a law that does not fit in with your party’s platform is not supposed to be an option. But the Democrats don’t seem to care.

Tonight, some of the speakers at the convention are “Mothers of the Movement”, and speaking are mothers of young black Americans who have died in police custody or at the hands of violence. One speaker in particular is the mother of Michael Brown of Ferguson Missouri. This is the same Michael Brown who the Eric Holder Justice Department concluded attacked a police officer and reached for the officer’s gun before being shot to death by the officer. They ruled that the “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative was completely FALSE, and that the officer not only acted in accordance with the law, but also did not violate Brown’s civil rights in any way. Even though that was the ruling by Obama’s Justice Department, officer Darren Wilson still had his livelihood taken from him. He lost his career, and his life will never be the same, when the courts found that he did nothing wrong. Michael Brown was a criminal whose own actions led to his death. In a time when we are seeing police officers murdered in the name of “Black Lives Matter justice”, in one of the deadliest years in recent history for police officers, the Democratic Party decides to have the mother of a criminal speak at their convention. It is a clear indication that facts and evidence do not matter; the only thing that matters is furthering the political agenda, even if that is only by trying to repeat something over and over again until people take it as fact. The fact that they are NOT having any family members of slain police officers speak indicates that they have chosen a side in this situation, and it is the side against the police. It is the side against waiting for facts and evidence to come out before making conclusions. There HAVE been cases where the police were deemed to have acted illegally, and have been charged for their crimes. But that is not who the Democrats are having come to speak. They are having the mother of Michael Brown, a criminal, once again choosing the side of criminality over law and order.

This is the same party that has been working hard across the country to give convicted felons back their right to vote. This is the same political party that, like in the state of California, is releasing thousands of criminals onto the streets early, and wondering why crime rates are increasing. This is the same political party that is systematically insulting police officers, and creating an atmosphere of tension and danger around the very people that are trusted to enforce the laws that our government passes.

But is this really surprising? When the Democratic Party is nominating a woman who, if it were not for her name and political connections, would be facing an indictment for putting national security at risk? The FBI concluded that she was “extremely careless” in her handling of classified information, and that she more than likely put national security at risk by doing so. Comey testified to congress that at the very least, she knowingly and willfully gave people with no security clearance (her lawyers) access to classified information. And he made sure to state that if someone else in the future does the same thing as her, this does not mean they will not face charges. This is the woman who, after Debbie Wasserman-Shultz resigns as chairwoman of the DNC over corruption and bias that worked to get Hillary elected over Bernie Sanders, promptly hires her to help with her campaign. This is a woman who clearly understands she is above the law. But it is not just her. It is a culture within the Democratic Party of 2016. Laws do not matter. Rules do not matter. Facts and evidence do not matter. Criminality does not matter. The only thing that matters is power.

Bernie Sanders Supporters at the DNC 2016

The Democratic Party is working diligently during this convention to portray themselves as the party of unity, both as a party that IS united, and a party that believes in uniting the country. The theme for the first night of the convention was “United Together”. But as the last 7 1/2 years have proven time and time again, what the Democrats say is vastly different from reality.

The big news over this last weekend of course was the WikiLeaks scandal surrounding the leaked DNC emails, which make a clear case that the DNC favored Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders in the primary, something that most Bernie supporters were suspicious of already. This has caused a major rift in the party, and has also caused Debbie Wasserman-Shultz to step down as the committee Chairwoman. It also became very clear today that there is no unity in the Democratic party, no matter what they want to portray to the masses. There were protests outside the convention hall tonight in which Bernie supporters took on their own chant of “lock her up”, much to the entertainment of many of us on the right. There were also times early in the day where the crowd boo-ed every time Hillary’s name was mentioned… not exactly what they wanted for the first day of the convention where she is to formally receive the party’s nomination. Bernie Sanders himself was boo-ed today during a speech before the convention when he said that people needed to vote for Clinton/Kaine. Democratic voters are angry, and rightly so. These are people who put in time and effort and money to a campaign that never had a chance of winning, because this was not really a primary but a coronation of Hillary Clinton from the beginning. Last week the Democrats were enjoying themselves ridiculing the Republicans for being so divided, and the truth is, the Republican Party IS divided. There are many in the Republican Party who cannot stand Donald Trump, and are only planning on voting for him to stop Hillary. There are also some who plan to not vote at all. But the Democratic Party is also divided. They are divided between people who actually believe in Hillary Clinton, and those who ardently wanted Bernie Sanders and cannot stand Hillary, just as much as certain Republicans cannot stand Donald Trump. The Democrats are, in fact a party divided as well.

But they are not only a party divided. They are a divisive party. Listening to the speeches tonight of Michelle Obama, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders, you would think this was a uniting party. You would think this was a party that wanted to include everyone, who wanted to work across the aisle with those they disagree with, who believe that this country is a wonderful place. It was kind of like President Obama’s speech after the Baton Rouge Police killings; that speech taken in a vacuum sounded great. But when put together with the president’s actions over the course of his presidency, you realized that the words did not match the actions. This is the same with the Democratic Party.

The reason our nation feels so divided today is not because of Donald Trump, who has only had a major national role for the last year or so. It is not because of the Republicans stopping everything Obama has wanted to do, as the Republicans have really not stopped very much on his agenda. It is because the Democratic Party has systematically been working to divide our country along every possible line there is.

The 2012 election was focused on the “war on women”. The Democratic Party created the fictitious war on women to distract from the failed policies of Obama’s first term. The narrative was that women are treated as second class citizens in America because we are forced to pay a co-pay for our birth control. Somehow, “binders full of women” became the most offensive thing that liberal women had ever heard. And as one acquaintance of mine wrote on her Facebook page the night Obama won re-election, “this is a great day for anyone with a uterus”. The democrats created a gender war in America.

Then, there is the class warfare. The rich not paying their “fair share”. The rich need to pay more so that we can give that money to the lower and middle classes in the forms of free healthcare, free college tuition, government cell phones, increase in food stamps and welfare recipients, cash for clunkers, etc. We now have an entire generation of college aged people who believe that they should get everything in life for free, paid for by the wealthy in this country. We have a generation who believes that socialism is a good thing. Class Warfare.

Then there are the racial divides. Americans feel that racial tensions in our country are the worst they have been for decades. And the Democrats have pushed that narrative hard. Every time a situation arises with a police officer and a black suspect, Barrack Obama decides to make a national address of it. We are told over and over that there is systematic racism in the police departments in America, including at memorials for slain police officers. It doesn’t matter that facts and evidence have often proven the president wrong, he and his minions continue to repeat the same rhetoric, which includes praising Black Lives Matter, a group whose members have been heard chanting calls for dead police officers.

But we are not done yet. We also have the religious divides. President Obama refuses to refer to Extremist Islamic Terrorism as what it is because he doesn’t want to offend anyone who is a Muslim. Yet he has no problem telling Christians to get off our high horses because of the Crusades (something that happened 700 years ago), or lecturing Christians to not be so intolerant of gays and transgender people by not wanting to participate in a gay wedding or not being ok with allowing men to use women’s shower facilities, locker rooms, and restrooms.

The thing is, the Democrats attack Republicans all the time, but when they are attacking Conservative values, they are attacking half of America.

Over the last 7 1/2 years, I have been called a bigot and a homophobe because I am a Christian. I have been called a sexist because I am pro-life. I have been called a racist because I believe that we should wait for facts and evidence before making determinations of a case, and because I support law enforcement. I have been called an Islamaphobe because I believe that there is a faction of the Muslim religion that is radicalized and is literally killing people. I have been called a xenophobe because I believe that we should secure our borders and follow the rule of immigration law in America. I have been blamed for every shooting death in America because I believe that an amendment in the constitution is actually a right guaranteed to citizens. I have been told that I cling bitterly to my bible and guns. And I have been told that anyone in America who disagrees with anything Barrack Obama has done as president is clearly only doing so because they cannot stand having a black man as president. Every time there is a national tragedy and the president comes out to speak, I can guarantee he is going to inject politics into his statement, regardless of the facts of the specific case or of any evidence or statistics that exist. When you have a president, or a political party, that has literally made talking about the weather potentially controversial, is it any wonder why America feels so divided?

So tonight, as I listen to the speeches by the primetime speakers, I think of the major disconnect between the words that liberals say and their actions. No, Donald Trump is not a unifying force on the Republican side. But for the Democrats to try to say they are the party of unity in any way, shape, or form, is just another instance of listen to what we say, and don’t look at what we do.

Hillary Clinton Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

After wasting far too much of my time arguing with a friend of a friend on Facebook about whether Hillary Clinton did anything wrong with her email situation (in which time this gentleman told me that classified markings mean nothing because he considers his address and his grandmother’s pie recipe classified…), he proceeded to tell me that I should be happy if Hillary Clinton becomes the first woman president because “I will finally be represented”. He is a liberal, so I proceeded to ask him if Donald Trump won the presidency he would be happy since he would represent him as a man. He didn’t seem to have a good answer for that one.

Liberals think that they are immune from being sexist or racist or bigoted because they are liberals. Conservatives in America are expected to watch every word we say and make sure nothing said can be remotely construed as any of these things because we will be pounced on, but liberals believe that just in the mere fact that they are liberal, they can say whatever they want and no one can challenge them on it. In this particular case, he said that it was meant as a compliment because he was commenting on her ability to be a good president. Because as a woman, we need extra compliments from men to acknowledge that a female could do the job of leading this country. The condescension is extreme, and they are shocked when they are called out on it.

For any man (or woman for that matter) who wants to say Hillary Clinton represents me simply because she is a woman, I pose the question, does every man who runs for political office represent all men in America? Do we really put all policy matters, world views, and intellectual opinions aside because we share the same biological parts? So if Leslie Van Houten decided to run for president, she would represent me and I should vote for her?

This argument is the epitome of sexism. It is, by definition, sexist. This is not me throwing out that word because I do not like someone’s political argument. To tell me that I should support someone or be happy if someone wins the presidency simply because she is a woman and I am a woman is the definition of sexist.

Hillary Clinton does not represent me because she has liberal/socialist policies, and I am a conservative/capitalist.

Hillary Clinton does not represent me because she believes it should be legal to murder babies up until birth, and I am pro-life.

Hillary Clinton does not represent me because she accepted donations from governments who treat women like second class citizens, and I believe women should be treated equally to men.

Hillary Clinton does not represent me because her incompetence lead to the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi, and I think that DOES make a difference.

Hillary Clinton does not represent me because I believe in the right to bear arms, and she would abolish the second amendment if she could.

Hillary Clinton does not represent me because she has paid her female staffers less than her male staffers, and I believe that is wrong.

Hillary Clinton does not represent me because she supports Planned Parenthood and public funding of abortions, and I do not.

Hillary Clinton does not represent me because I believe that All Lives Matter.

Hillary Clinton does not represent me because I do not believe we should shame and discredit rape victims.

Hillary Clinton does not represent me because she is a liar, and I am not stupid enough to fall for her lies.

The truth is that apart from our XY chromosome, Hillary Clinton and I have absolutely nothing in common. We are two people who have entirely different world views, who believe in different things for the future of our country, and who live by completely different sets of standards, morals, and principles. I would never vote for Hillary Clinton because I believe she is corrupt, incompetent, a liar, and a power-hungry, greedy, terrible person. But according to this liberal man, I should ignore all of these facts and be happy if she wins the presidency because she is a woman, and I am a woman. And the sad thing is that he is not an extreme outlier. There are many liberals in America, and liberal women, who believe that all women in America should vote for Hillary simply because she is a woman. Madeleine Albright believes that. She essentially said if I did not support Hillary, there is a special place in hell waiting for me. Well as a strong conservative woman with a mind of my own, I reject that notion. I do not buy into identity politics. I will support candidates for political office who I feel will be good leaders, and who will move our country in the direction I believe we should go in, regardless of their gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation. And I think a lot of liberals in America need to take a good hard look in the mirror to examine their own personal intolerances and bias.

Jamiel Shaw Sr - RNC 2016 - Credit: Barbara Davidson, Los Angeles Times

On the first day of the Republican National Convention, the theme and the focus was “Make America Safe Again”. In my opinion, this was a smart theme to dedicate a full day of the convention to because in truth, Americans do not feel safe. In the last month alone there have been three major terror attacks in the world, as well as two massacres of police officers. And these are just the big headline stories. These do not include the stories of police who have been attacked all over the country, or people who have been shot and killed in the inner cities. Crime in California, for example, is up 10% this year thanks to Governor Jerry Brown’s bright idea to reform the criminal justice system, which essentially just means letting bad guys out of jail early.

Let’s just put this in perspective for a moment: Our government leaders are failing miserably to keep us safe, both at home and abroad. They are letting criminals out of jail, letting anyone and everyone into the country without properly vetting them to make sure they are not gang members or terrorists, and then they are telling Americans that we need to give up our guns in order for them to protect us. And they wonder why people are so uneasy (and so unwilling to give up our guns).

One of the people who spoke yesterday at the convention was Jamiel Shaw Sr. His son was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant gang member who was a member of a gang known to target black people. His speech was powerful and emotional. Today, one of the local news stations posted an article on Facebook about his speech. And as usual, the comments section was a cesspool full of people basically calling him everything from a racist against hispanics to someone who was speaking out to profit off of his son’s death. Many of the commenters also made the not-so-intelligent and completely heartless point that this man’s speech meant that he would have rather his son been killed by a legal American.

First of all… anyone who says this man would have rather his son been killed by a legal American is either willfully missing the point or completely ignorant. I suppose both are an equal possibility. But I do believe that more people in America are choosing to be willfully ignorant every time someone stands up to present facts and evidence of a case that goes against their politics. No, this man would not have rather his son been killed by a legal resident. He would rather his son be alive. The point that he and the other two parents who spoke at the convention who lost children to illegal immigrants criminal behavior were making was that in all three of these cases, the illegals in question had rap sheets a mile long. The same was true in the Kate Steinle case. Not only should they not have been in the country in the first place, but based on their ACTIONS, they should have all been in jail or deported from our country. As in, they should have never been free to roam the streets and commit the crimes they committed that took innocent lives. But to the pro-illegal immigration side of it, this is all dismissible. To them, the fact that the people responsible for the deaths of these innocent people were not supposed to be in America in the first place is irrelevant, because people who are here legally commit crimes too.

Here is why it is relevant. We DO have crime in America committed by legal residents and citizens. And it is enough to keep the hands of our law enforcement officers very busy. We DO have people committing acts of terror who were born and raised in America, so many so that the FBI is finding it harder and harder to find and stop them. We DO have major crime in our inner cities that is claiming thousands of lives annually. We DO have jails that are overcrowded and a criminal justice system that is taxed to it’s limits. And now, thanks to the left’s war against police, we are having a harder time than ever recruiting people to actually take on the challenges of becoming law enforcement officers. We have our hands full. Why should we also take on the task of finding, prosecuting, and jailing criminals from other parts of the world? Why should we make it so easy for wanna-be terrorists to enter our country, when we do not have the power or the resources to vet them and keep track of them? Why are we ok with accepting gang members from other countries, when we are working so hard to rid our streets of gang members who were born and raised here? How can people not see that if a person is a criminal and we have the ability to keep them out of the country, therefore preventing them from even being here to commit a crime on American soil, that IS a relevant and intelligent way to help keep Americans safe? It is not racist, it is efficient.

But we ignore all of these facts. We ignore the logic and the evidence. We take a person like Jamiel Shaw Sr. and we accuse him of being bribed into having his opinion and point of view. Because a black man standing up against illegal immigration or standing for a Republican candidate cannot possibly be doing so of his own accord, his own convictions, and his own intelligence. He must be bought and paid for. He must have an ulterior motive.

The real problem here goes back to the deep divisions that we have in America, where over every single issue, people run to their respective corners every time someone challenges their point of view, instead of listening to the arguments on the other side and considering what people have to say. If you disagree with me, it cannot be because your son was killed by an illegal immigrant and you are devastated and speaking out against it. It must be because you are being bribed to say what you are saying. Never mind the fact that we throw out accusations like that without any actual evidence or proof. Evidence, facts, proof, and logical thinking are all taking a back seat in America today. Everyone is controlled by their emotions and their politics. If you are pro-open borders, then everyone who wants the rule of law enforced must be either racist or paid off. Even a man whose son was murdered. When did we get to a point in our country where no one can stop and say, “Even if I disagree with you on policy, I can understand why you are taking the position you are taking”? When did we get to a point in our country where we alone are pure in our motives, and everyone who disagrees with us must be doing so out of the worst possible intentions? I am, for example, a big proponent of the second amendment and the right for law-abiding citizens to have the means to protect ourselves. But there are many people in our society who have lost loved ones to gun violence who are a part of groups pushing for more gun control. While I can respectfully disagree with their ideas and policy suggestions, I can understand why they are taking the stances that they are taking. I can argue why I believe they are wrong in their proposed solutions, but I would never accuse them of being bought and paid for by the gun control lobbies. We can, in fact, take someone’s motives and sincerity at fact value, and believe their intentions to be good, even if we disagree with them. That is something that is, in fact, possible to do.

We will never bridge the divides in our country or solve any problems as long as we have the attitude that if you disagree with me, your motives must be ingenuous. We will never make any improvements in our society if every time we disagree, we shout unfounded accusations, shout racism or sexism or bigotry. Those responses are the easy way out. It gets us out of having to do the real work of listening and finding solutions, especially if those solutions are difficult ones.

Barack Obama Baton Rouge

On Sunday, our nation once again witnessed a horrific and cowardly attack on law enforcement officers, this time in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Three officers were killed and another three were injured, with one officer still very much fighting for his life according to reports. Once again, the nation mourns. Once again, there are calls for prayers and unity in our community. It seems like the nation’s flags flying at half staff might just be the new normal.

I believe most people in America are outraged over these attacks. I believe that most people are good-hearted people, who even if they hold a feeling of contempt towards police right now due to the controversial police shootings that have happened recently, do not want to see these kinds of attacks on law enforcement. But the problem is that there are far too many in this world who are justifying these killings. Whether it is some loser on social media or a high profile person like Bill Maher, there are far too many people in our society who are saying that they “do not condone the violence towards police, but they understand it”. That is an absolutely awful statement. And by the way, it is in fact a justification for the violence we are seeing. You do not get to say that you do not condone the violence but you understand it. If you state that you UNDERSTAND why someone would want to kill an innocent police officer, you ARE condoning it. The preamble of stating that “while I do not condone it BUT” may help you to sleep better at night and make you feel like not so terrible a person, but if you state that you understand why people are wanting to commit these vicious acts, you are a part of the problem.

President Obama also decided to come out today to speak in regards to the Baton Rouge police killings…

I must admit that after 7 1/2 years of having this man as our president, I cringe every time there is a tragedy or a crime such as this and they announce that he is going to come out and speak. I cringe because I know what we can expect. We can expect rhetoric that is going to be full of politics, listening to him use the tragedy to push his own political agenda. We are going to hear a lecture about how somehow this is the fault of conservatives or America as a whole and somehow we need to change something that WE are doing to become Obama’s idea of “who we are”. We are going to hear words that are going to further divide our country instead of uniting or inspiring it. So today, when I heard he was going to speak, I thought to myself, “oh why? Why can’t he just be quiet and go away?”. But I listened to what he had to say, always hoping that this time will be the one time he will stand up and do the right thing and be a leader for ALL Americans, and not just the few that he chooses to represent. Today, his speech was a good one. He said the right things. He left out the political pushes. For once in his life, he did not push for gun control. If this speech were to be taken all by itself, I would say there were no problems with it whatsoever.

But after 7 1/2 years of this president, I do not see how we can take this speech all by itself. It was, in fact, painful to listen to because while he was saying the right things, it pointed to a painfully serious lack of self-awareness on his part. The first thing he came out to say is that we do not know the suspect’s motive, and that we need to wait to see what the evidence shows as to what his motive was. And he is right. We do not know the suspect’s motive. We do not know if he was motivated by Black Lives Matter or by Isis. We do not know if he was trying to achieve suicide by cop or if he was suffering from a complete nervous breakdown caused by PTSD. We absolutely do not know yet. So yes, the president is right. But then it begs the question… why is he so determined to wait to see what the evidence shows when it is violence against police, or even a terrorist attack, but he is so quick to come out and declare a police officer guilty and state that a police shooting was racially motivated, before any of the facts of the case are known?

He then goes on to completely condemn the attacks on police and praise police officers for the job they do for our country every day. These were good words. He spoke them, for once, without feeling the need to also justify the feelings of anti-police demonstrators and those involved in the Black Lives Matter movement. But then, the kicker, because it always comes. He calls on people and political leaders of all organizations and political parties to focus on words that unite instead of words that divide. He said that as we enter into the next couple of weeks of political conventions, we need to focus not on making accusations but on uniting rhetoric. Again, if you erase this president’s words over the last 7 1/2 years, I would say he is right and this is all true. But you cannot erase the entirety of this man’s presidency. You cannot erase the fact that only a few days ago, this is the president who stood in front of family members of innocent dead police officers and called police departments across America racist. You cannot erase the fact that at that same memorial, he said that we are an inherently racist country and if we deny the racism that HE knows exists in our police departments, institutions, homes, and even our own heads, we are not being honest with ourselves. You cannot erase the fact that every time something happens in our nation, he is out there calling for gun control. And then today, on the eve of the start of the Republican National Convention, when he knows that the news coverage is going to be entirely devoted to covering the arguments of his political adversaries, he calls on political leaders to make sure to “not point the finger at anyone” and focus on words that unite. To me, it sounds like a pre-emptive strike. It sounds like he knows that in the last two weeks, we have witnessed two major assaults on police officers as well as a large international terrorist attack. He knows that the Republican Convention is largely going to be about ripping apart his 8 years in office, and pointing to a lot of his own words and actions as contributing to the environment of division and unrest that we are currently seeing in the country. So now is the time that he is going to come out and be presidential. Now is the time he is going to call on everyone to stop pointing fingers, and focus on using words that unite instead of divide us. Once again, it is not about what is right for the country, it is about what furthers his political agenda. He knows that Hillary Clinton has had a very rough past few weeks. He knows that the party and candidate typically gets a bump from their convention, and he knows that the right have a lot of ammunition to throw against him and the state of the country and the world after 8 years of an Obama administration.

For anyone who thinks I am being overly critical of him, for anyone who thinks I am being overly-cynical, I reiterate this: the president’s speech today taken by itself was a good speech. But you simply cannot take one speech by itself and ignore this man’s rhetoric and actions over the course of his presidency. He gave a presidential and unifying speech today. Unfortunately, at this point, it is too little, far too late.

Elizabeth Warren

There are things that Donald Trump has said about women that trouble me. I was not a fan of his ongoing attacks on Megyn Kelly because he did not like a question he asked her during a debate (a question I believed to be relevant). I was not a fan of the way his campaign lied about the Michelle Fields incident. I was not a fan of the numerous degrading comments he has made against women throughout the campaign and throughout his adult life.

But you know what else I am not a fan of? I am not a fan of a woman degrading and discrediting women who accuse her husband of rape or other sexual misconduct for the sake of retaining power. I am not a fan of a woman who accepts money from foreign countries who treat women as second class citizens. I am not a fan of a woman who believes that it is perfectly fine to kill an innocent baby up until and possibly even during childbirth. I am not a fan of a woman who claims to be for women but who pays her female staffers less than her male staffers. But for some reason, Senator Elizabeth Warren seems to have a big problem with Donald Trump and Indiana Governor Mike Pence, but she believes that the person who has committed all of these other atrocities against women is qualified to be president of the United States.

Senator Warren came out today with a “Twitter Rant” in which she goes after Donald Trump and his newly announced Vice Presidential Candidate, Governor Mike Pence. Among other things she wrote:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has also come out and called Mike Pence “extreme” and “dangerous”.

And what is it that Mike Pence has done that makes him such an “extreme and dangerous sexist”? He is a Pro-Life Christian who has tried to defund Planned Parenthood in his state.

According to Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and many in the feminist movement, being pro-life is extreme, dangerous, and anti-women. According to them, believing that no taxpayer dollars should go to fund abortions is extreme, dangerous, and anti-women. Believing that there should be the same standards of care in abortion clinics as other medical facilities is extreme, dangerous, and anti-women. Putting any restrictions whatsoever on abortions, is extreme, dangerous, and anti-women. The problem is, they are not exactly in line with the thinking of the American people on this issue.

According to Gallup, 46% of Americans consider themselves Pro-Life, and 47% consider themselves Pro-Choice. That means the American people are essentially divided in half on the the issue of abortion. But when you break down those numbers, it gets even more interesting. When asked about the circumstances in which abortions should be legal, only 29% believe that abortion should be legal in all and any circumstances. 50% said abortion should be legal only under certain circumstances, and 19% said abortion should never be legal. That means that essentially, only 29% of people agree with Clinton and Warren about when abortions should be legal. Delving even further, when asked about when during a pregnancy abortions should be legal, only 14% of people believe abortion should be legal during the third trimester of pregnancy. 14 PERCENT. So before Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton start calling Mike Pence “extreme”, maybe they should consider the fact that their own opinions on abortion are, in fact, much more extreme than that of Gov. Pence. While 47% of Americans consider themselves Pro-Life, only 14% buy into the entire “abortion on demand at any time for any reason” argument that Hillary has. Doesn’t that make HER the extreme one on this issue? Or at the very least, if you want to argue that making all abortion illegal is an “extreme” view, as only 19% agree with it, she still is not in any position to attack him on that issue, as she is JUST AS extreme.

As an average, every day American, I have a lot of problems with both candidates running for president, as well as most politicians serving for office. I think it is safe to say that most Americans are feeling that way. But personally, one thing I am tired of coming from the left is being called “extreme”. Because when Elizabeth Warren steps out and says that, essentially, anyone who believes abortion in America should be restricted in any way, or not be paid for by taxpayer dollars through Planned Parenthood, is extreme, she is not just talking about Mike Pence- she is also talking about me. I am pro-life. I believe that if any abortions should be legal, it should definitely be only in certain circumstances and only allowed in the first trimester of pregnancy. And there are many, many Americans, and many WOMEN, who share in that opinion. Liberals make it sound as though being anti-abortion is a position only held by the fringe religious elements of society, but the polls do not support that claim. This is an issue, like many others in our nation, that the country is divided on pretty much in half.

It is not surprising for politicians to go after their rivals, and in the age of Twitter and other social media, they have a platform unlike ever before to do so. Many who support Clinton and Warren are, of course, singing her praises after this rant, but Warren did not just insult Trump and Pence in her rant today- she insulted every person in America who considers themselves pro-life.  Aside from the fact that Gov. Pence’s position on abortion is not, in fact, and extreme one, it raises all sorts of questions about Sen. Warren herself. So for Sen. Warren, as long as women have the right to kill their baby up until birth, shaming rape victims is not a problem. Accepting money from governments who abide by Sharia law, which is not kind to women, is not a problem. She is perfectly fine with that as long as women can still kill their babies. Of course, coming from a woman who lied about her ancestry to get a job, and who was paid a nearly $430,000 annual salary at Harvard while promoting herself as the champion of college students in debt, it should not be surprising that today, she put her hypocrisy on full display for the world to see.