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There are things that Donald Trump has said about women that trouble me. I was not a fan of his ongoing attacks on Megyn Kelly because he did not like a question he asked her during a debate (a question I believed to be relevant). I was not a fan of the way his campaign lied about the Michelle Fields incident. I was not a fan of the numerous degrading comments he has made against women throughout the campaign and throughout his adult life.

But you know what else I am not a fan of? I am not a fan of a woman degrading and discrediting women who accuse her husband of rape or other sexual misconduct for the sake of retaining power. I am not a fan of a woman who accepts money from foreign countries who treat women as second class citizens. I am not a fan of a woman who believes that it is perfectly fine to kill an innocent baby up until and possibly even during childbirth. I am not a fan of a woman who claims to be for women but who pays her female staffers less than her male staffers. But for some reason, Senator Elizabeth Warren seems to have a big problem with Donald Trump and Indiana Governor Mike Pence, but she believes that the person who has committed all of these other atrocities against women is qualified to be president of the United States.

Senator Warren came out today with a “Twitter Rant” in which she goes after Donald Trump and his newly announced Vice Presidential Candidate, Governor Mike Pence. Among other things she wrote:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has also come out and called Mike Pence “extreme” and “dangerous”.

And what is it that Mike Pence has done that makes him such an “extreme and dangerous sexist”? He is a Pro-Life Christian who has tried to defund Planned Parenthood in his state.

According to Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and many in the feminist movement, being pro-life is extreme, dangerous, and anti-women. According to them, believing that no taxpayer dollars should go to fund abortions is extreme, dangerous, and anti-women. Believing that there should be the same standards of care in abortion clinics as other medical facilities is extreme, dangerous, and anti-women. Putting any restrictions whatsoever on abortions, is extreme, dangerous, and anti-women. The problem is, they are not exactly in line with the thinking of the American people on this issue.

According to Gallup, 46% of Americans consider themselves Pro-Life, and 47% consider themselves Pro-Choice. That means the American people are essentially divided in half on the the issue of abortion. But when you break down those numbers, it gets even more interesting. When asked about the circumstances in which abortions should be legal, only 29% believe that abortion should be legal in all and any circumstances. 50% said abortion should be legal only under certain circumstances, and 19% said abortion should never be legal. That means that essentially, only 29% of people agree with Clinton and Warren about when abortions should be legal. Delving even further, when asked about when during a pregnancy abortions should be legal, only 14% of people believe abortion should be legal during the third trimester of pregnancy. 14 PERCENT. So before Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton start calling Mike Pence “extreme”, maybe they should consider the fact that their own opinions on abortion are, in fact, much more extreme than that of Gov. Pence. While 47% of Americans consider themselves Pro-Life, only 14% buy into the entire “abortion on demand at any time for any reason” argument that Hillary has. Doesn’t that make HER the extreme one on this issue? Or at the very least, if you want to argue that making all abortion illegal is an “extreme” view, as only 19% agree with it, she still is not in any position to attack him on that issue, as she is JUST AS extreme.

As an average, every day American, I have a lot of problems with both candidates running for president, as well as most politicians serving for office. I think it is safe to say that most Americans are feeling that way. But personally, one thing I am tired of coming from the left is being called “extreme”. Because when Elizabeth Warren steps out and says that, essentially, anyone who believes abortion in America should be restricted in any way, or not be paid for by taxpayer dollars through Planned Parenthood, is extreme, she is not just talking about Mike Pence- she is also talking about me. I am pro-life. I believe that if any abortions should be legal, it should definitely be only in certain circumstances and only allowed in the first trimester of pregnancy. And there are many, many Americans, and many WOMEN, who share in that opinion. Liberals make it sound as though being anti-abortion is a position only held by the fringe religious elements of society, but the polls do not support that claim. This is an issue, like many others in our nation, that the country is divided on pretty much in half.

It is not surprising for politicians to go after their rivals, and in the age of Twitter and other social media, they have a platform unlike ever before to do so. Many who support Clinton and Warren are, of course, singing her praises after this rant, but Warren did not just insult Trump and Pence in her rant today- she insulted every person in America who considers themselves pro-life.  Aside from the fact that Gov. Pence’s position on abortion is not, in fact, and extreme one, it raises all sorts of questions about Sen. Warren herself. So for Sen. Warren, as long as women have the right to kill their baby up until birth, shaming rape victims is not a problem. Accepting money from governments who abide by Sharia law, which is not kind to women, is not a problem. She is perfectly fine with that as long as women can still kill their babies. Of course, coming from a woman who lied about her ancestry to get a job, and who was paid a nearly $430,000 annual salary at Harvard while promoting herself as the champion of college students in debt, it should not be surprising that today, she put her hypocrisy on full display for the world to see.

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