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After wasting far too much of my time arguing with a friend of a friend on Facebook about whether Hillary Clinton did anything wrong with her email situation (in which time this gentleman told me that classified markings mean nothing because he considers his address and his grandmother’s pie recipe classified…), he proceeded to tell me that I should be happy if Hillary Clinton becomes the first woman president because “I will finally be represented”. He is a liberal, so I proceeded to ask him if Donald Trump won the presidency he would be happy since he would represent him as a man. He didn’t seem to have a good answer for that one.

Liberals think that they are immune from being sexist or racist or bigoted because they are liberals. Conservatives in America are expected to watch every word we say and make sure nothing said can be remotely construed as any of these things because we will be pounced on, but liberals believe that just in the mere fact that they are liberal, they can say whatever they want and no one can challenge them on it. In this particular case, he said that it was meant as a compliment because he was commenting on her ability to be a good president. Because as a woman, we need extra compliments from men to acknowledge that a female could do the job of leading this country. The condescension is extreme, and they are shocked when they are called out on it.

For any man (or woman for that matter) who wants to say Hillary Clinton represents me simply because she is a woman, I pose the question, does every man who runs for political office represent all men in America? Do we really put all policy matters, world views, and intellectual opinions aside because we share the same biological parts? So if Leslie Van Houten decided to run for president, she would represent me and I should vote for her?

This argument is the epitome of sexism. It is, by definition, sexist. This is not me throwing out that word because I do not like someone’s political argument. To tell me that I should support someone or be happy if someone wins the presidency simply because she is a woman and I am a woman is the definition of sexist.

Hillary Clinton does not represent me because she has liberal/socialist policies, and I am a conservative/capitalist.

Hillary Clinton does not represent me because she believes it should be legal to murder babies up until birth, and I am pro-life.

Hillary Clinton does not represent me because she accepted donations from governments who treat women like second class citizens, and I believe women should be treated equally to men.

Hillary Clinton does not represent me because her incompetence lead to the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi, and I think that DOES make a difference.

Hillary Clinton does not represent me because I believe in the right to bear arms, and she would abolish the second amendment if she could.

Hillary Clinton does not represent me because she has paid her female staffers less than her male staffers, and I believe that is wrong.

Hillary Clinton does not represent me because she supports Planned Parenthood and public funding of abortions, and I do not.

Hillary Clinton does not represent me because I believe that All Lives Matter.

Hillary Clinton does not represent me because I do not believe we should shame and discredit rape victims.

Hillary Clinton does not represent me because she is a liar, and I am not stupid enough to fall for her lies.

The truth is that apart from our XY chromosome, Hillary Clinton and I have absolutely nothing in common. We are two people who have entirely different world views, who believe in different things for the future of our country, and who live by completely different sets of standards, morals, and principles. I would never vote for Hillary Clinton because I believe she is corrupt, incompetent, a liar, and a power-hungry, greedy, terrible person. But according to this liberal man, I should ignore all of these facts and be happy if she wins the presidency because she is a woman, and I am a woman. And the sad thing is that he is not an extreme outlier. There are many liberals in America, and liberal women, who believe that all women in America should vote for Hillary simply because she is a woman. Madeleine Albright believes that. She essentially said if I did not support Hillary, there is a special place in hell waiting for me. Well as a strong conservative woman with a mind of my own, I reject that notion. I do not buy into identity politics. I will support candidates for political office who I feel will be good leaders, and who will move our country in the direction I believe we should go in, regardless of their gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation. And I think a lot of liberals in America need to take a good hard look in the mirror to examine their own personal intolerances and bias.

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