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This Democratic convention seems to have a very disturbing underlying theme, and it is one that I believe accurately reflects the current state of the party and of liberals in America. That is the theme of criminality: the party supports criminal behavior, and does not support rule of law or enforcing American laws.

Yesterday on the opening day of the convention, they highlighted a young girl and her illegal immigrant mother. This girl told her very sad story of how she is constantly afraid every day that her parents are going to get deported. She also told of how Hillary Clinton told her that she was very “brave”. Well, her mother cannot be too afraid of deportation if she chooses to go and stand on a national stage in front of the entire country and declare that she is here illegally. She cannot be that afraid of being deported if she is going to put herself out there and declare that she is a law-breaker. Because that is what she is – a lawbreaker. She has broken the laws of our country by coming into it and living here illegally. So what is the message that the democratic party is sending by having this person speak? That this particular law doesn’t matter. We do not like this law, so we advocate just ignoring it. We support people who ignore this law, and we want to assist them to continue ignoring this law as much as we can. President Obama’s executive orders on immigration were deemed unconstitutional by the courts because, well, they were. A president, a candidate, or any other individual person in America cannot just decide that they do not like a particular law and therefore rule that as a nation we no longer have to enforce that law. If Donald Trump were to become president and were to sign an executive order stating that all gun control measures currently on the books, including background checks, were not going to be enforced because he doesn’t like them, would we as a nation be ok with that? No, of course not. If you do not like a law on the books, there are channels to try to change the law. But choosing to just ignore a law that does not fit in with your party’s platform is not supposed to be an option. But the Democrats don’t seem to care.

Tonight, some of the speakers at the convention are “Mothers of the Movement”, and speaking are mothers of young black Americans who have died in police custody or at the hands of violence. One speaker in particular is the mother of Michael Brown of Ferguson Missouri. This is the same Michael Brown who the Eric Holder Justice Department concluded attacked a police officer and reached for the officer’s gun before being shot to death by the officer. They ruled that the “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative was completely FALSE, and that the officer not only acted in accordance with the law, but also did not violate Brown’s civil rights in any way. Even though that was the ruling by Obama’s Justice Department, officer Darren Wilson still had his livelihood taken from him. He lost his career, and his life will never be the same, when the courts found that he did nothing wrong. Michael Brown was a criminal whose own actions led to his death. In a time when we are seeing police officers murdered in the name of “Black Lives Matter justice”, in one of the deadliest years in recent history for police officers, the Democratic Party decides to have the mother of a criminal speak at their convention. It is a clear indication that facts and evidence do not matter; the only thing that matters is furthering the political agenda, even if that is only by trying to repeat something over and over again until people take it as fact. The fact that they are NOT having any family members of slain police officers speak indicates that they have chosen a side in this situation, and it is the side against the police. It is the side against waiting for facts and evidence to come out before making conclusions. There HAVE been cases where the police were deemed to have acted illegally, and have been charged for their crimes. But that is not who the Democrats are having come to speak. They are having the mother of Michael Brown, a criminal, once again choosing the side of criminality over law and order.

This is the same party that has been working hard across the country to give convicted felons back their right to vote. This is the same political party that, like in the state of California, is releasing thousands of criminals onto the streets early, and wondering why crime rates are increasing. This is the same political party that is systematically insulting police officers, and creating an atmosphere of tension and danger around the very people that are trusted to enforce the laws that our government passes.

But is this really surprising? When the Democratic Party is nominating a woman who, if it were not for her name and political connections, would be facing an indictment for putting national security at risk? The FBI concluded that she was “extremely careless” in her handling of classified information, and that she more than likely put national security at risk by doing so. Comey testified to congress that at the very least, she knowingly and willfully gave people with no security clearance (her lawyers) access to classified information. And he made sure to state that if someone else in the future does the same thing as her, this does not mean they will not face charges. This is the woman who, after Debbie Wasserman-Shultz resigns as chairwoman of the DNC over corruption and bias that worked to get Hillary elected over Bernie Sanders, promptly hires her to help with her campaign. This is a woman who clearly understands she is above the law. But it is not just her. It is a culture within the Democratic Party of 2016. Laws do not matter. Rules do not matter. Facts and evidence do not matter. Criminality does not matter. The only thing that matters is power.

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