Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump

I do not consider myself a Trump supporter. I never have, and at this rate, I doubt I will. As a conservative American, I want nothing more than to be able to get behind the Republican candidate for president, especially in a year when the opponent is Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt and unethical person to ever run for president. Trump was not my first choice in the primary, nor my 10th choice to be honest. I’ve always had a problem with his remarks and behavior towards the women who cross him. I’ve had a problem with the fact that he does not espouse most of my actual conservative principles. I’ve had a problem with his language towards military veterans, his claims that Bush “lied” to get is unto Iraq, his lack of interest in constitutional principles, and his inability to clearly define so many of his policy positions, and how he will achieve them.

Now that he is the official candidate for the Republican party, my main frustration with him is his inability to stay on message and refrain from saying things and doing things that give the media so much ammunition to go against him. It is not lost on me that most of the media is completely in Hillary’s pocket. They are so obvious about it, they are not even trying to hide it anymore. Clearly CNN is far less concerned about their credibility as a news organization as they are about helping get Hillary elected as president. Hillary Clinton, in truth, is the worst candidate the Democrats have ever had. She herself has no credibility with the American people. Her entire public life has been rocked with scandal and corruption. She is constantly blaming everyone else and continuously being caught blatantly lying to the American people (and even to congress on certain occasions). Over the last few months, in particular, she has given the Republicans so much to talk about against her, that this truly is the Republicans’ election to lose. And yet there is a very good chance they will.

This week alone, Donald Trump should be talking about Hillary’s disastrous interview with Chris Wallace last Sunday. During this interview, Clinton stated that James Comey said she was being truthful in her answers in regards to her unsecured email server. This statement earned her 4 Pinnochio’s from the Washington Post. It was a flat out lie. When a candidate has a major problem with trustworthiness from the American people, delivering a flat out untrue statement in an interview is probably not the best thing to do. In the same interview, she doubled-down on calling the parents of Benghazi victims liars. She also stated that there was no connection between her work at the state department and the money made by the Clinton Foundation during that particular time. Considering that she has such a low trustworthiness rating, and considering one of her statements in the interview was deemed a lie, Trump could have been spending the last 3 days talking about the fact that Americans just cannot trust anything she says. He could have pointed out that she is the one always caught in lies, not the Benghazi family members. And he could have thrown out there the idea that if she lies about so many things, how could anyone believe she is telling the truth in regards to the Clinton Foundation?

It also came out last week that our economy grew by a dismal 1.2% in the second quarter. All elections are heavily about the economy. It is always the most important thing in voters minds. Hillary Clinton just finished a convention in which she worked to tie herself very closely with Obama’s administration. Trump should be talking about this non-stop. He should be pointing out the fact that Hillary will just be a third Obama term, and that if people do not feel satisfied with their economic situation now, they should not vote for her.

These are just two topics that Trump could be harping on this week that are terrible for Hillary. But he’s not. Instead, he decided to engage in a personal conflict with a gold star family. Instead, he decided to criticize fire marshals. Instead, he decided to kick a baby out of his rally. Instead, he decided to accept a gift of a Purple Heart medal by stating that he always wanted one and this was an easier way to get one. Instead, he decided to continue his personal vendetta against Paul Ryan and John McCain, both of whom have endorsed him, by stating that he was not supporting either in their primary. Again, I am well aware of the fact that the media are all out to get Trump, and completely in the pocket of the DNC and Clinton. But why is Trump GIVING them so much to talk about? And while CNN and MSNBC will clearly choose to only go after Trump, there are so many other media outlets for him to get his message across that if he would just stick to the point, his message would assuredly get out there, and I believe would resonate, with the American people.

I am not a politician, a professional political pundit, working for a campaign, or a member of the main stream media. I am just an average American, raising my kids, trying to do the best for my family, and paying attention to what is going on in the world so that I can make an informed decision in November. And as someone who is paying attention, I will say this: Donald Trump has said a lot of really stupid stuff, but what Hillary Clinton has actually DONE while in positions of leadership is far more frightening. Her decision to have a private server in her home that most likely resulted in American national security being compromised is far more concerning to me than some snide comment by Trump saying that he “hopes” the Russians are able to find her emails. This would never be an issue if she hadn’t compromised national security in the first place. I do not approve of Trump choosing to have a personal fight with a gold star military family, but that is far less concerning to me considering it was not in any way Trump’s policies that resulted in the death of Captain Khan. It WAS Hillary Clinton’s policies and incompetency as Secretary of State that led to the Embassy in Benghazi not having adequate security, resulting in the deaths of four Americans. It WAS Hillary Clinton who proceeded to lie to the American people, and the family members of the victims, about the event being the result of a video protest instead of a terrorist attack. And today, while CNN is continuing to send out Tweets about Trump kicking a baby out of his rally, I am far more concerned with the idea of this administration having paid $400 million dollars to Iran in what appears to be ransom for our prisoners, something that is against US policy, and for a very good reason. I am far more concerned about ISIS terror attacks happening in my hometown. I am far more concerned about the ongoing war against our police officers. I am far more concerned with my family’s ability to pay our bills and provide a good financial future for our children.

The main stream media is a joke. I will not argue against that. And for as many problems and frustrations that I do have with Donald Trump, his behavior, the things he says, and my concerns about having him as our President, there is no comparison to the criminality, corruption, and pathological behavior that Hillary Clinton has actually demonstrated in her time in office. Trump NEEDS to get his act together if he wants to beat her in November. He NEEDS to focus on her problems, focus on having his policy positions be clear in time for the debates, and refrain from these distractions that everyone is throwing at him. Unfortunately, I am truly losing my faith in his ability, or desire, to do so. He has a lot to prove over the next 3 months, and I only hope it is not already too late.

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