Election Hillary Clinton or Crying Kid

Liberals on college campuses demand safe spaces. The rich need to pay their “fair share”. Millennials protest college tuition…

I have a four-year-old daughter and a four-year-old niece. They are super close and are best friends, but as four-year-olds typically behave, they have to have everything the same. They get upset if one of them has a bigger piece of cake than the other. They start fighting over toys unless they both have the same doll, and the same baby stroller. They argue over who gets to go first… in everything. As a parent it can drive you crazy sometimes, but you just tell yourself that they are little and that eventually they will outgrow it. You also take it as an opportunity to teach them that old saying, “Life is not fair”. And we do have to teach our kids this lesson, because life isn’t fair. Throughout our children’s lives, they will be put in situations that are very unfair, and often outside of anyone’s control. People get sick. Natural disasters happen that can take away everything. Is it fair that there are people in Louisiana who have been affected by flooding who have lost their homes and all of their possessions, while I sit here and type this from my dining room with all of my possessions in tact? No, it’s not fair. But that is life.

This morning, I was listening to Hillary Clinton give a speech. I have listened to her speeches. I watched the Democratic Convention. I have looked at her policies on her website. And today, as I listen to her speak, the thought that crosses my mind is that she sounds like a 4-year-old. In fact, Democrats in general sound like 4-year-olds whose parents never taught them that life is not fair, and that you do not deserve for life to be fair. We are guaranteed certain rights by our United States Constitution. And if you are a person of faith, as I am, we are supposed to have certain rights that are given to us by our creator. But no where in the Constitution, or in the Bible, does it say we have the right for life to be fair. So when I hear Hillary Clinton and other Democrats going on and on about making everything “fair”, it sounds… well, ridiculous. And not only that, but why do the Democrats think that they have a monopoly on what defines a fair society?

Hillary’s idea of fairness is that the rich people of America have to pay high tax rates so that the poor people of America can get free college, free childcare, free healthcare, free Wi-Fi Internet, free cell phones, etc. etc. etc. (Seriously, check out her website. All she does is promise to give away money). In today’s speech, she was discussing companies that profit share with their employees. She said that profit sharing is only fair, since companies are not successful without their employees. Now, I think profit sharing is great. When a company profit shares with their employees, the employees benefit and the company is able to have higher quality people working for them because they offer a great benefit. I think profit sharing is a great thing. But the idea that the government is going to tell American companies that they have to profit share with their employees because doing so is only “fair” is ridiculous. It is anti-capitalism, and whether or not it is fair, some companies simply cannot afford to do so.

Hillary also spoke today about helping families have access to “affordable child care” so that the parents can work. Donald Trump proposed a tax write-off so that people can get a tax break when they pay for child care. But that’s not good enough for Hillary, because it’s not… you guessed it!… FAIR. She claims it is not fair because that only benefits people who can afford to pay for child care to begin with. It does nothing for a family that has a hard time paying for day care. So she is promising to give subsidies to families to help pay for their child care. And those subsidies of course come from the government. And the government gets it’s money from the taxpayers. And she claims we have to do this because otherwise, it is unfair.

Note to Hillary: You sound like a four-year-old.

Just like the liberals who are on college campuses demanding safe spaces so that they do not have to experience the emotional trauma of having to listen to an opinion they disagree with. Just like the people going on an on about the rich paying their fair share. Just like the millennial generation protesting and stating that college education is a “human right”. You all sound like a bunch of spoiled, bratty children who are throwing tantrums because your cousin got a bigger piece of cake than you did.

I believe in equal opportunity. I believe that if you have two people applying for a job, the best qualified candidate should get that job regardless of their race or gender or religion. I believe we should focus on improving schools, so that schools in bad neighborhoods are just as good as schools in good neighborhoods. I believe in government safety nets, that we should have programs like unemployment and food stamps to help folks who fall on hard times. But I believe those benefits should be extremely temporary. Yes, there is a role for government to make sure that there are no violations of the rights given to us in the Constitution, and in some cases to help Americans who are the poorest and weakest among us. But it is not the government’s responsibility to determine what is fair or not, and implement their version of fairness through regulations, taxes, fines, and laws.

Life is not fair, and no matter what promises the Democrats make to Americans, it will never be fair. You will always have people who have benefits over others. You will always have people who have to work harder than others to achieve the same goals. Some people are just smarter than others. Some students can ace a test without even studying for it, while another student may study all night and only be able to pull off a B. Michael Phelps just won his 23rd Olympic gold medal, while there are many swimmers who didn’t even qualify to go to the Olympics, even if they practice the same amount of hours as Phelps. Some people who want to be rock starts are born with beautiful singing voices, while others cannot carry a tune. Should we just give everyone A’s in class no matter how hard they score? Should we just give everyone gold medals just because they make an attempt at swimming? Should record companies give someone who can’t sing a contract, just because they want one? There is no way that we are going to make everything in life fair and equal. And for the liberals to stand up there and promise that to the people just makes them liars, and the people who believe them gullible.

But what conservatism promotes is for each of us to take our God-given talents, our hard work and dedication, and use those things to contribute to society as best we can. If someone has a business idea that creates a product that people love, and that person works hard to get the business going and promote it, that person DESERVES to be financially successful. If someone has the stomach and wisdom and grit to be a brain surgeon, that person deserves to make more money than someone who is a janitor. All of those jobs are important to our society, but they do not all deserve to be paid equally. And for the Democrats to stand up there, whining that “it’s not fair that you are rich and other people are not!”, just sounds pathetic.

We cannot put it in the hands of the government to solve all of the problems and ills and unfair situations of our country or our world. The government should keep its citizens safe through foreign policy positions that eliminate evil threats in the world. The government needs to provide police and firefighters, to maintain the infrastructure of the country, and to uphold the laws of the land. The government also needs to get out of the way so that the American people can make our own decisions and thrive. Liberal voters want the government to stop people from being able to do anything the liberals disagree with. They want the government to fix all of the problems in each individual person’s life. That is not America. And the more we as citizens allow the government to solve our problems by giving us free stuff, the more we become dependent on the government for our every need and want, the more freedom and liberty we give up. Stop whining like a child, pull up your big girl/boy pants, and solve your own life problems. Don’t look to the government to do so for you. Because when you do, both the politicians and the voters sound like nothing more than spoiled children.

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