Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton this week

Over the last two weeks, Trump has been behaving in a way that is contrary to the image the left is trying to put out there of him, while events surrounding Hillary Clinton are only working to confirm the image that Republicans are putting out there, and that most of the public has, of her: that of a liar and a corrupt career politician.

For the last two weeks, we have seen a bit of a pivot in Donald Trump. He has been, for the most part, refraining from saying things that are considered very stupid or controversial, he has given many speeches on teleprompter, staying on message and reaching out to different segments of the population. And this week, he had a real-life meeting with a foreign leader in which he did not completely make an idiot of himself, or embarrass America, or throw a tantrum, or do any of those things that the Democrats have been warning us about. While only time will tell whether or not this “new Trump” will actually make any progress with his poll numbers amongst minority communities (or in general), there is one thing that is a definite positive about how he has been over the last couple of weeks: he is going against the caricature that the Democrats are working so hard to paint him as.

The Trump that the Democrats are describing is racist, sexist, xenophobic, ignorant, and a loose cannon that would start a nuclear war with a foreign country simply for insulting him. Now, when you really stop and think about it, it’s a pretty far cry from Trump throwing a fit and insulting someone on Twitter to him starting a nuclear holocaust, so that argument is kind of ridiculous at it’s base, but Trump’s own words in the past have given the left plenty of ammunition to go after him on the other claims. So when, over the last two weeks, Trump has been actively reaching out to African-Americans and Latino-Americans, the left have not been very happy about it. We can see that in the things they are choosing to focus on: the locations he is choosing for his events (mostly white neighborhoods), or claiming he grouped all African-Americans together when speaking of poverty and crime and poor schools (I listened to those speeches and it seemed pretty clear he was talking about inner-city residents). But he has not said anything completely outlandish. He has been making good points about how African-Americans are not any better off than they were 8 years ago, or 15 years ago or even more, despite constantly voting Democrat and having complete Democratic leadership in most big cities for generations. Instead of Hillary Clinton responding by talking about all of the positive things she and other Democrats HAVE done for black communities (because she can’t think of any), she comes out in a full-fledged effort to cement the image of Trump as a racist. And they continue down the path of painting him as out-of-control, with one Clinton surrogate, David Plouffe, just last weekend actually calling him a psychopath and claiming he meets the clinical definition of one (not that he is a medical professional, or that Hillary’s pathological lying makes her any less psychotic). The problem is that over the last two weeks, Trump has seemed to leave his chaotic, off-message candidacy behind, and has been acting far more presidential and staying more on message.

Wednesday’s meeting with Mexican President Pena Nieto really put a damper on the Democrat’s vision of a Trump president. Trump accepted an invitation from the Mexican President to meet, accepted it in a timely manner, and took a bit of a risk in doing so, as there was no reason to believe that the reception from the President of Mexico to Donald Trump would be very warm and fuzzy. But he did it anyway. He met with Pena Nieto, did not capitulate or apologize to him on behalf of America (unlike a certain President we all know…), and held a press conference with him afterwards in which he not only behaved professionally and presidential, and refrained from saying anything embarrassing, but also even took a few questions at the end. For her part, Hillary Clinton heavily criticized Trump for this visit, which to me made her look a bit small, as though she was just angry that he beat her to it. And the only thing the Democrats really had to criticize him on, which Hillary quickly jumped on as an indicator the meeting was a “total failure”, was that Trump said they did not discuss paying for the wall, while the Mexican President claimed he told Trump that Mexico would not pay for it. Although a discrepancy, it could hardly make the entire visit a “complete failure”. Hillary Clinton would have done a better service to herself to not say anything about it at all, as all of her comments regarding the visit came across as grasping and petty.

It also has not looked very good that over the last two weeks, Trump has given numerous policy speeches, visited the flood-stricken state of Louisiana, and now has met with the President of our neighboring country, while Hillary is going on her 270+ days of not holding a real press conference, and has mostly spent the last two weeks hob-knobbing with rich celebrities while fundraising. As the political pundits like to say, the optics of all that are not very good.

I am not claiming that two weeks of good behavior from Trump are going to erase the last year of reasons that he has given people to dislike and distrust him. And only time will tell if this is too little, too late to save his campaign, or if he can continue on this improved trajectory all the way through until November. But there is one thing that is for sure: Over the last two weeks, Trump has been behaving in a way that is contrary to the image the left is trying to put out there of him, while events surrounding Hillary Clinton are only working to confirm the image that Republicans are putting out there, and that most of the public has, of her: that of a liar and a corrupt career politician.

Just this week it has come out that they have found amongst Hillary’s erased “private” emails about 30 emails that were related to Benghazi. While the State Department is claiming that they will need to look into whether or not these emails are duplicates of ones turned over, if they are not, that spells BIG trouble for Hillary. If they are not, then that means Hillary deleted at least 30 work-related emails after telling the American people AND testifying under oath that the only emails deleted were personal ones, and that ALL work-related emails had been turned over. It proves, yet again, that she is a liar. Last week, the big story was regarding the Clinton Foundation and inappropriate connections between the Foundation and Clinton’s time as Secretary of State, resulting in Democrats and Republicans alike calling for the Clintons to separate themselves from the Foundation as soon as possible. And it was very clear that the Clintons recognize the potential backlash over this issue because they released a statement saying that if Hillary should become President, the Foundation would stop accepting foreign donations. This news story cements the idea that Hillary is a corrupt career politician, using her time in public service to bring in millions and millions of dollars for herself and the Clinton Foundation.

And the polls are tightening. She is still in the lead nationally as well as in many key swing states, but some of her most impressive leads from a week or two ago are shrinking quickly. And it doesn’t look like it is going to get better anytime soon. Over the next month, we will find out if those Benghazi emails were duplicates. Over the next month, she needs to respond to written questions under oath from Judicial Watch about her emails. The FBI says it will release notes from their interview with her under a Freedom of Information Act Request. There are an additional 15,000 emails recovered by the State Department that are supposed to be released. And in the shadows lies Julian Assange and Wikileaks threatening to release more information that could be potentially damaging to her.

The point is, this race is far from over. In one of the most volatile and ever-changing elections in history, we as American citizens never know what the next day is going to bring. But one thing is for sure… it is going to be a long 10 weeks until election day.

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