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The End of Government Credibility

Last Friday, the FBI pulled the oldest political trick in the book: the Friday document dump. And not just any Friday, but the Friday before a long holiday weekend. The biggest problem with this? The FBI is not supposed to be a political entity. Our founding fathers designed our government to be a series of […]

Why Do Democrats Sound Like Spoiled Children?

Liberals on college campuses demand safe spaces. The rich need to pay their “fair share”. Millennials protest college tuition… I have a four-year-old daughter and a four-year-old niece. They are super close and are best friends, but as four-year-olds typically behave, they have to have everything the same. They get upset if one of them […]

Tired of the Lies and Insults to Our Intelligence

Here’s the thing about me. I am not a politician. I am not a professional political pundit. I am not a political media journalist, or any of the other people in America who get paid to spend all day studying what’s going on in the political world, analyzing statistics and polls, and trying to predict […]

Americans’ Bad Habit of Defending the Indefensible

I read the most absurd opinion piece yesterday, written by Peggy Drexler and published by CNN (of course), entitled “The Surprising Secret to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Marriage“. It was quite possibly one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read, and that is truly saying something. The point and purpose of the article […]

The Democratic Party: The Party of Criminality

This Democratic convention seems to have a very disturbing underlying theme, and it is one that I believe accurately reflects the current state of the party and of liberals in America. That is the theme of criminality: the party supports criminal behavior, and does not support rule of law or enforcing American laws. Yesterday on […]


The Democratic Party’s Facade of Unity

The Democratic Party is working diligently during this convention to portray themselves as the party of unity, both as a party that IS united, and a party that believes in uniting the country. The theme for the first night of the convention was “United Together”. But as the last 7 1/2 years have proven time […]