Hillary Clinton Election 2016 Credibility

Last Friday, the FBI pulled the oldest political trick in the book: the Friday document dump. And not just any Friday, but the Friday before a long holiday weekend. The biggest problem with this? The FBI is not supposed to be a political entity.

Our founding fathers designed our government to be a series of checks and balances. The main checks and balances are, of course, the three branches of government, however we do also have entities such as the Department of Justice, the IRS, and the FBI, which are supposed to be non-political and should be able to help uphold our laws evenly. Unfortunately under the Obama administration, it seems no part of government is above politics. The IRS targeting of conservative groups and the Department of Justice choosing cases based on Obama’s political agenda instead of the law are two examples of this. But the FBI is an entity most Americans were hoping would truly be above politics, and it has proven not to be.

I am not going to go through all of the damning details of what Hillary Clinton did with her email server as well as her Clinton Foundation/State Department’s improper connections. All of the information is out there for any intellectually honest person who wishes to know what is going on. It would take up pages and pages to go through it all. The bottom line is, there is substantial proof that she lied under oath, obstructed justice, and destroyed evidence, including government records that were not hers to destroy. When she made the decision to use one email and one server for all her private and work emails, she gave up the right to privacy of her personal emails. ALL emails from that server and email became public property. But it didn’t matter for Hillary Clinton because she is above the law, and doesn’t have to play by the same rules as everyone else.

As disturbing and corrupt as her behavior is, it is not the most concerning thing to me. She is a corrupt politician. She is not the first, nor will she be the last corrupt politician. It is in human nature for some people to obtain a position of power and then believe they are above the laws. It is a god-complex. That is why you see so many celebrities, politicians, and athletes breaking the law and doing horrible things. It is because the money and fame and power goes to their heads and they believe they are above consequence or reproach. Our founding fathers knew of this, and designed our government to protect against this part of human nature.

But all that seems to be failing now. It worked for 240 years, and it is now all coming to an end. Hillary Clinton is walking proof that our government is completely and utterly, 100% corrupt. The laws are NOT enforced the same for the rich and powerful as they are for the regular folks. There ARE in fact people in our country, one in particular, who actually is above the law because she has enough people in the government who are willing to cover for her. The thing I do not understand is why so many people are willing to go down for her, willing to sacrifice their professional as well as personal reputation for her, and willing to sacrifice the reputation of an entire governmental department for her.

The FBI is supposed to be independent. James Comey is supposed to be a man of integrity. But he has proven not to be, and the department has proven to be in the pocket of the current administration. This will be James Comey’s legacy: the man who sold out the FBI to protect a politician. When you look at all of the evidence there is against Clinton, all of the discrepancies in her stories, the use of Bleach Bit, the lying under oath, and the fact that emails were erased AFTER there was a subpoena telling the Clinton team to retain ALL emails from that server, it does not take an expert to recognize that there is AMPLE evidence that there in fact was intent and that laws were broken. Yet no charges will be filed. She will not even have her security clearance revoked, which would be the absolute least that would happen to any other American who did what she did. There are no consequences whatsoever.

The minute that the system of checks and balances in America breaks is the minute that the public ceases to have any faith in government. That is the point where we are at right now. That is why the Republican party nominated Donald Trump. That is why the Democratic party, had the primary not been rigged, would have possibly nominated Bernie Sanders. People are fed up. People have had it. At least, a good portion of Americans have.

Hillary has been sinking in the polls, but she is still ahead. She still has a very good chance of becoming our next president. And when she does, she will continue her corruption. We will have four years of scandals and lies, and Hillary blaming everyone else and crying “right-wing conspiracy”. And she will continue to get away with it, because our government has proven that there is no will to stop her. If the American people elect her as President of the United States, we are condoning all of the corruption, not just from her, but from every branch and aspect of the Federal Government that is failing to hold her accountable for what she has done.

Many Americans, myself included, are beyond disgusted with our Federal Government. Hillary Clinton embodies everything wrong with it. If the American people elect her as the next President, we will have no one to blame except for ourselves. We have to remember that the people in government work for us, and NOT the other way around. They are not supposed to be above the law, they are not supposed to control us, they are not supposed to ignore us. When will the American people stand up and say enough is enough?

Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton this week

Over the last two weeks, Trump has been behaving in a way that is contrary to the image the left is trying to put out there of him, while events surrounding Hillary Clinton are only working to confirm the image that Republicans are putting out there, and that most of the public has, of her: that of a liar and a corrupt career politician.

For the last two weeks, we have seen a bit of a pivot in Donald Trump. He has been, for the most part, refraining from saying things that are considered very stupid or controversial, he has given many speeches on teleprompter, staying on message and reaching out to different segments of the population. And this week, he had a real-life meeting with a foreign leader in which he did not completely make an idiot of himself, or embarrass America, or throw a tantrum, or do any of those things that the Democrats have been warning us about. While only time will tell whether or not this “new Trump” will actually make any progress with his poll numbers amongst minority communities (or in general), there is one thing that is a definite positive about how he has been over the last couple of weeks: he is going against the caricature that the Democrats are working so hard to paint him as.

The Trump that the Democrats are describing is racist, sexist, xenophobic, ignorant, and a loose cannon that would start a nuclear war with a foreign country simply for insulting him. Now, when you really stop and think about it, it’s a pretty far cry from Trump throwing a fit and insulting someone on Twitter to him starting a nuclear holocaust, so that argument is kind of ridiculous at it’s base, but Trump’s own words in the past have given the left plenty of ammunition to go after him on the other claims. So when, over the last two weeks, Trump has been actively reaching out to African-Americans and Latino-Americans, the left have not been very happy about it. We can see that in the things they are choosing to focus on: the locations he is choosing for his events (mostly white neighborhoods), or claiming he grouped all African-Americans together when speaking of poverty and crime and poor schools (I listened to those speeches and it seemed pretty clear he was talking about inner-city residents). But he has not said anything completely outlandish. He has been making good points about how African-Americans are not any better off than they were 8 years ago, or 15 years ago or even more, despite constantly voting Democrat and having complete Democratic leadership in most big cities for generations. Instead of Hillary Clinton responding by talking about all of the positive things she and other Democrats HAVE done for black communities (because she can’t think of any), she comes out in a full-fledged effort to cement the image of Trump as a racist. And they continue down the path of painting him as out-of-control, with one Clinton surrogate, David Plouffe, just last weekend actually calling him a psychopath and claiming he meets the clinical definition of one (not that he is a medical professional, or that Hillary’s pathological lying makes her any less psychotic). The problem is that over the last two weeks, Trump has seemed to leave his chaotic, off-message candidacy behind, and has been acting far more presidential and staying more on message.

Wednesday’s meeting with Mexican President Pena Nieto really put a damper on the Democrat’s vision of a Trump president. Trump accepted an invitation from the Mexican President to meet, accepted it in a timely manner, and took a bit of a risk in doing so, as there was no reason to believe that the reception from the President of Mexico to Donald Trump would be very warm and fuzzy. But he did it anyway. He met with Pena Nieto, did not capitulate or apologize to him on behalf of America (unlike a certain President we all know…), and held a press conference with him afterwards in which he not only behaved professionally and presidential, and refrained from saying anything embarrassing, but also even took a few questions at the end. For her part, Hillary Clinton heavily criticized Trump for this visit, which to me made her look a bit small, as though she was just angry that he beat her to it. And the only thing the Democrats really had to criticize him on, which Hillary quickly jumped on as an indicator the meeting was a “total failure”, was that Trump said they did not discuss paying for the wall, while the Mexican President claimed he told Trump that Mexico would not pay for it. Although a discrepancy, it could hardly make the entire visit a “complete failure”. Hillary Clinton would have done a better service to herself to not say anything about it at all, as all of her comments regarding the visit came across as grasping and petty.

It also has not looked very good that over the last two weeks, Trump has given numerous policy speeches, visited the flood-stricken state of Louisiana, and now has met with the President of our neighboring country, while Hillary is going on her 270+ days of not holding a real press conference, and has mostly spent the last two weeks hob-knobbing with rich celebrities while fundraising. As the political pundits like to say, the optics of all that are not very good.

I am not claiming that two weeks of good behavior from Trump are going to erase the last year of reasons that he has given people to dislike and distrust him. And only time will tell if this is too little, too late to save his campaign, or if he can continue on this improved trajectory all the way through until November. But there is one thing that is for sure: Over the last two weeks, Trump has been behaving in a way that is contrary to the image the left is trying to put out there of him, while events surrounding Hillary Clinton are only working to confirm the image that Republicans are putting out there, and that most of the public has, of her: that of a liar and a corrupt career politician.

Just this week it has come out that they have found amongst Hillary’s erased “private” emails about 30 emails that were related to Benghazi. While the State Department is claiming that they will need to look into whether or not these emails are duplicates of ones turned over, if they are not, that spells BIG trouble for Hillary. If they are not, then that means Hillary deleted at least 30 work-related emails after telling the American people AND testifying under oath that the only emails deleted were personal ones, and that ALL work-related emails had been turned over. It proves, yet again, that she is a liar. Last week, the big story was regarding the Clinton Foundation and inappropriate connections between the Foundation and Clinton’s time as Secretary of State, resulting in Democrats and Republicans alike calling for the Clintons to separate themselves from the Foundation as soon as possible. And it was very clear that the Clintons recognize the potential backlash over this issue because they released a statement saying that if Hillary should become President, the Foundation would stop accepting foreign donations. This news story cements the idea that Hillary is a corrupt career politician, using her time in public service to bring in millions and millions of dollars for herself and the Clinton Foundation.

And the polls are tightening. She is still in the lead nationally as well as in many key swing states, but some of her most impressive leads from a week or two ago are shrinking quickly. And it doesn’t look like it is going to get better anytime soon. Over the next month, we will find out if those Benghazi emails were duplicates. Over the next month, she needs to respond to written questions under oath from Judicial Watch about her emails. The FBI says it will release notes from their interview with her under a Freedom of Information Act Request. There are an additional 15,000 emails recovered by the State Department that are supposed to be released. And in the shadows lies Julian Assange and Wikileaks threatening to release more information that could be potentially damaging to her.

The point is, this race is far from over. In one of the most volatile and ever-changing elections in history, we as American citizens never know what the next day is going to bring. But one thing is for sure… it is going to be a long 10 weeks until election day.

Hillary Clinton Election 2016 Clinton Foundation

Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt and dishonest human being to ever run for the Presidency of the United States. And she is leading in all of the polls.

Today, the AP reported that more than half of the non-governmental workers who met with Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State were donors to the Clinton Foundation. Yesterday, it was revealed that a Clinton Foundation executive left 148 voicemails for Cheryl Mills, one of Hillary’s top aides. This is also the aide who did work for the Clinton Foundation while employed at the State Department. Every day, there is more and more evidence that the Clinton Foundation accepted donations from everyone from foreign entities to American celebrities, and in turn at the very least requested special access, meetings, or favors from the State Department. This situation is the epitome of government corruption.

This past weekend, former Secretary of State Colin Powell pushed back on Clinton’s claims that he was the one who advised her to use a personal email server. He essentially said that she lied, and that if anything he sent her a memo about personal email use on a government server one full year after she was already using her own server. Hillary Clinton gave access to classified emails to people who did not have appropriate security clearance to view that information (her attorneys), an act that anyone other than her would have lost their security clearance over. She lied to the American people about the reason behind her setting up this private email server, which she claimed was to only use one device. FBI director James Comey confirmed that she used multiple devices. She also lied about sending and receiving classified information on her emails, which she said she did not, and Comey said she did. In fact, there were certain emails that contained information so classified that Congressman Jason Chaffetz, who is the Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, does not have a high enough security clearance to view some of the information.

FBI Director Comey laid out a perfect case for indicting her for these actions, but then stated that they were not in fact going to do so. This exoneration of her came only a few days after her husband, Bill Clinton, had a private meeting for 35 minutes with AG Loretta Lynch on her private plane, a meeting which they all swear had nothing to do with the FBI investigation into Clinton.

And the truth is, all of this is only the tip of the iceberg on scandals and controversies surrounding the Clintons. Now, Hillary has always blamed the “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” for all of these issues and problems. But after a while, she starts to sound like that person you know who is always complaining about other people, blaming everyone else for their problems, calling everyone else a liar, and eventually leads you to realize, “it’s not everyone else… it’s THEM.” How many times does Hillary Clinton have to be caught in a blatant lie to the American people before people stop believing anything she says? How many times does she have to be implicated in government corruption before the American people decide that giving her control of the country might not be a good idea?

But the scary part is, Americans KNOW she is a pathological liar. The scary part is, people just don’t care. According to an NBC poll as of August 16, only 11% of Americans think Clinton is honest and trustworthy. A Washington Post/ABC News poll found that 56% of Americans disagreed with the FBI’s decision not to indict her on the email controversy. But the same poll found that 58% of Americans would not consider this issue in their vote in November. And as of today, she is ahead in all of the national polls, all of the swing state polls, and is even creeping up on Trump in some solidly red state polls.

So this all begs the question: What are Americans thinking? Does character, truth, or integrity matter in our nation anymore? Do we have any morals or standards that we live by and hold our leaders to anymore? If Hillary Clinton becomes the next President of the United States, the answer to those questions is an overwhelming and resounding NO.

The American people vote for the president. End of story. So if Hillary Clinton wins, that means that the majority of Americans will have voted for her. It means that the majority of Americans are more concerned about getting free stuff from the government than they are about having a leader who tells the truth. It means the majority of Americans are perfectly fine with having a President who has made millions from big donors in return for access and favors and God knows what else from our government. It means that the majority of Americans no longer have any standards of ethical conduct or integrity that they expect their governmental leaders to follow. If Hillary Clinton wins the White House by receiving the majority of American votes in November, it means that the people have decided that they are perfectly fine with every corrupt thing she has done. They condone it, and they are essentially encouraging her to continue it at an even higher level as the leader of the nation.

The Democrats in America love to talk about how “dangerous” it would be to have Donald Trump as president. Personally, I believe the most dangerous person we could ever put into office is someone who KNOWS that the laws of the land do not apply to her, the FBI will never touch her, and the American people will continue to support her no matter what she does. THAT, folks, is far more dangerous than a thin-skinned narcissist who has a penchant for Twitter.

If Hillary Clinton becomes the next President of the United States of America, it will be the beginning of the end of our country. And not because of anything Hillary will do, but because of what it says about the character, integrity, and standards of the American people.

Election Hillary Clinton or Crying Kid

Liberals on college campuses demand safe spaces. The rich need to pay their “fair share”. Millennials protest college tuition…

I have a four-year-old daughter and a four-year-old niece. They are super close and are best friends, but as four-year-olds typically behave, they have to have everything the same. They get upset if one of them has a bigger piece of cake than the other. They start fighting over toys unless they both have the same doll, and the same baby stroller. They argue over who gets to go first… in everything. As a parent it can drive you crazy sometimes, but you just tell yourself that they are little and that eventually they will outgrow it. You also take it as an opportunity to teach them that old saying, “Life is not fair”. And we do have to teach our kids this lesson, because life isn’t fair. Throughout our children’s lives, they will be put in situations that are very unfair, and often outside of anyone’s control. People get sick. Natural disasters happen that can take away everything. Is it fair that there are people in Louisiana who have been affected by flooding who have lost their homes and all of their possessions, while I sit here and type this from my dining room with all of my possessions in tact? No, it’s not fair. But that is life.

This morning, I was listening to Hillary Clinton give a speech. I have listened to her speeches. I watched the Democratic Convention. I have looked at her policies on her website. And today, as I listen to her speak, the thought that crosses my mind is that she sounds like a 4-year-old. In fact, Democrats in general sound like 4-year-olds whose parents never taught them that life is not fair, and that you do not deserve for life to be fair. We are guaranteed certain rights by our United States Constitution. And if you are a person of faith, as I am, we are supposed to have certain rights that are given to us by our creator. But no where in the Constitution, or in the Bible, does it say we have the right for life to be fair. So when I hear Hillary Clinton and other Democrats going on and on about making everything “fair”, it sounds… well, ridiculous. And not only that, but why do the Democrats think that they have a monopoly on what defines a fair society?

Hillary’s idea of fairness is that the rich people of America have to pay high tax rates so that the poor people of America can get free college, free childcare, free healthcare, free Wi-Fi Internet, free cell phones, etc. etc. etc. (Seriously, check out her website. All she does is promise to give away money). In today’s speech, she was discussing companies that profit share with their employees. She said that profit sharing is only fair, since companies are not successful without their employees. Now, I think profit sharing is great. When a company profit shares with their employees, the employees benefit and the company is able to have higher quality people working for them because they offer a great benefit. I think profit sharing is a great thing. But the idea that the government is going to tell American companies that they have to profit share with their employees because doing so is only “fair” is ridiculous. It is anti-capitalism, and whether or not it is fair, some companies simply cannot afford to do so.

Hillary also spoke today about helping families have access to “affordable child care” so that the parents can work. Donald Trump proposed a tax write-off so that people can get a tax break when they pay for child care. But that’s not good enough for Hillary, because it’s not… you guessed it!… FAIR. She claims it is not fair because that only benefits people who can afford to pay for child care to begin with. It does nothing for a family that has a hard time paying for day care. So she is promising to give subsidies to families to help pay for their child care. And those subsidies of course come from the government. And the government gets it’s money from the taxpayers. And she claims we have to do this because otherwise, it is unfair.

Note to Hillary: You sound like a four-year-old.

Just like the liberals who are on college campuses demanding safe spaces so that they do not have to experience the emotional trauma of having to listen to an opinion they disagree with. Just like the people going on an on about the rich paying their fair share. Just like the millennial generation protesting and stating that college education is a “human right”. You all sound like a bunch of spoiled, bratty children who are throwing tantrums because your cousin got a bigger piece of cake than you did.

I believe in equal opportunity. I believe that if you have two people applying for a job, the best qualified candidate should get that job regardless of their race or gender or religion. I believe we should focus on improving schools, so that schools in bad neighborhoods are just as good as schools in good neighborhoods. I believe in government safety nets, that we should have programs like unemployment and food stamps to help folks who fall on hard times. But I believe those benefits should be extremely temporary. Yes, there is a role for government to make sure that there are no violations of the rights given to us in the Constitution, and in some cases to help Americans who are the poorest and weakest among us. But it is not the government’s responsibility to determine what is fair or not, and implement their version of fairness through regulations, taxes, fines, and laws.

Life is not fair, and no matter what promises the Democrats make to Americans, it will never be fair. You will always have people who have benefits over others. You will always have people who have to work harder than others to achieve the same goals. Some people are just smarter than others. Some students can ace a test without even studying for it, while another student may study all night and only be able to pull off a B. Michael Phelps just won his 23rd Olympic gold medal, while there are many swimmers who didn’t even qualify to go to the Olympics, even if they practice the same amount of hours as Phelps. Some people who want to be rock starts are born with beautiful singing voices, while others cannot carry a tune. Should we just give everyone A’s in class no matter how hard they score? Should we just give everyone gold medals just because they make an attempt at swimming? Should record companies give someone who can’t sing a contract, just because they want one? There is no way that we are going to make everything in life fair and equal. And for the liberals to stand up there and promise that to the people just makes them liars, and the people who believe them gullible.

But what conservatism promotes is for each of us to take our God-given talents, our hard work and dedication, and use those things to contribute to society as best we can. If someone has a business idea that creates a product that people love, and that person works hard to get the business going and promote it, that person DESERVES to be financially successful. If someone has the stomach and wisdom and grit to be a brain surgeon, that person deserves to make more money than someone who is a janitor. All of those jobs are important to our society, but they do not all deserve to be paid equally. And for the Democrats to stand up there, whining that “it’s not fair that you are rich and other people are not!”, just sounds pathetic.

We cannot put it in the hands of the government to solve all of the problems and ills and unfair situations of our country or our world. The government should keep its citizens safe through foreign policy positions that eliminate evil threats in the world. The government needs to provide police and firefighters, to maintain the infrastructure of the country, and to uphold the laws of the land. The government also needs to get out of the way so that the American people can make our own decisions and thrive. Liberal voters want the government to stop people from being able to do anything the liberals disagree with. They want the government to fix all of the problems in each individual person’s life. That is not America. And the more we as citizens allow the government to solve our problems by giving us free stuff, the more we become dependent on the government for our every need and want, the more freedom and liberty we give up. Stop whining like a child, pull up your big girl/boy pants, and solve your own life problems. Don’t look to the government to do so for you. Because when you do, both the politicians and the voters sound like nothing more than spoiled children.

President Obama Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Here’s the thing about me. I am not a politician. I am not a professional political pundit. I am not a political media journalist, or any of the other people in America who get paid to spend all day studying what’s going on in the political world, analyzing statistics and polls, and trying to predict what American voters are going to do in November. I AM the American voter. I am a wife, a mom, a Christian, and yes, a conservative. And quite frankly, I am tired of being lied to, and being insulted by our government, specifically the Obama administration.

This has been happening at record pace for the last 8 years. It has been happening since the whole “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” situation. That was untrue. It happened when the IRS scandal broke where it came out that the IRS was targeting Tea Party and Conservative groups. Initially, Obama came out and said he would investigate it. Shortly after, he started downplaying it and calling the whole controversy “overblown”. It happened with the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya on September 12, 2012, where 4 Americans died and the administration blamed a You Tube video. I remember watching Susan Rice on the Sunday shows that very Sunday, practically yelling at the TV because I knew at that point that she was straight out lying to the American people (and because I am a little crazy like that). Over and over again, this administration has told us one thing, while our eyes, facts, evidence, and common sense have told us something else.

This week, the news has been the $400 million dollars that was paid to the Iranians on the very day they released 4 of our hostages. I know they say that was already the Iranians money. I know they say we agreed to pay it to them in the nuclear deal anyway. But that doesn’t mean that Iran didn’t use our hostages as a way to secure the return of that money by a specific date. They clearly did. An unmarked plane. Pallets full of cash, foreign bills. And one of the hostages, Christian Pastor Saeed Abedini, confirmed in an interview on Fox News that they were all set to take off on their plane out of Iran, but were made to wait for hours and were told they could not take off until the “other plane arrived”. But the White House, the administration, and Obama himself tell us “there is nothing to see here”. Come. On.

The administration tells us it was not a ransom payment when it clearly was. Hillary Clinton doubles down on her flat-out lie about what James Comey said about her statements to the public regarding her emails. They are not even trying to hide it or be sly about it anymore. They are just flat out lying, because they think the American people are too stupid to realize it ~ or care.

But this is not the saddest part to me. These people are politicians who only care about being in power. It’s not completely insane that they would have no problems lying to the public to keep that power. No, the saddest part to me is the complicit behavior of the main stream media, and the fact that so many Americans are, in fact, stupid enough to believe the lies. Or at the very least, willfully ignorant.

During an Obama press conference, he received ONE question about the Iran situation. The rest of the questions were about Donald Trump. If the news media’s job is to report the NEWS, they are failing miserably at it. The fact that Obama does not like Trump is not news. We already know this. We already know that he thinks he is “unfit” to be president. We already know he has endorsed Hillary Clinton. He has said so many times before, and they had an entire convention last week where they made if very clear they do not support the idea of a Trump presidency. All they did yesterday was ask Obama questions to try to get another one-liner that they could use in a headline or Tweet against Trump. No, Obama’s dislike for the presidential candidate from the rival political party was not news. News was the fact that our government paid $400 million dollars in ransom when it is against US policy to pay cash ransom for hostages. News was the fact that this payment was made to a regime that our government considers a State Sponsor of Terrorism, and that we just gave money to enable terrorism. News was the fact that this was all done on the hush-hush, without letting anyone in Congress know it was happening. THAT was the news, and other than a few sources, the majority of the media completely ignored it. Because they are far more interested in getting Hillary Clinton elected than they are in having any credibility with the American people.

And then there are the American people. People just believe these lies. They believe what Obama says, and there are even a small number of people who believe that Hillary Clinton is trustworthy (those people should really have their heads examined). How many lies do they have to be caught in before people start to ask questions? How many times do they have to point the finger at someone else before people start to say, “hmm, maybe it’s them?”.

The problem is that people do not care as long as the politician representing their side is in power and is winning. To me, there are two separate entities we are talking about in politics. One is the specific set of principles, ideals, values, and morals that I hold dear that make me identify as a Christian Conservative. The second are the politicians who run for office who claim to represent those same principles, ideals, values, and morals. And just because someone claims to represent those things for me, doesn’t mean that I will just blindly follow them to oblivion. If there is a politician who claims to be a conservative, but who is saying one thing while obviously doing something completely different, I will call them out on their B.S. But far too many Americans, liberals in particular, fail to do that. If they consider themselves liberal, they have to support the liberal candidate at all costs, no matter how blatant their lies, no matter how obvious their arrogance. They listen to the talking points and blindly repeat them. They speak in circles, bringing up all sorts of irrelevant matters to try to spin the conversation off of the topics at hand. And when all else fails, when they lose the actual argument based on facts and evidence and common sense, they call you a racist or a sexist or a bigot.

Because truth doesn’t seem to matter to far too many Americans. The only thing that matters is winning and power. For some, the only thing that matters is getting free stuff from the government. TRUTH is something they can take or leave, depending on which corner the lies are coming from. For Americans who DO care about truth, for those of us who care about knowing what is actually happening, who are tired of being insulted by a government who has nothing but contempt for the intelligence of it’s people, it is very painful to see the direction in which we are heading like an out of control freight train.

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump

I do not consider myself a Trump supporter. I never have, and at this rate, I doubt I will. As a conservative American, I want nothing more than to be able to get behind the Republican candidate for president, especially in a year when the opponent is Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt and unethical person to ever run for president. Trump was not my first choice in the primary, nor my 10th choice to be honest. I’ve always had a problem with his remarks and behavior towards the women who cross him. I’ve had a problem with the fact that he does not espouse most of my actual conservative principles. I’ve had a problem with his language towards military veterans, his claims that Bush “lied” to get is unto Iraq, his lack of interest in constitutional principles, and his inability to clearly define so many of his policy positions, and how he will achieve them.

Now that he is the official candidate for the Republican party, my main frustration with him is his inability to stay on message and refrain from saying things and doing things that give the media so much ammunition to go against him. It is not lost on me that most of the media is completely in Hillary’s pocket. They are so obvious about it, they are not even trying to hide it anymore. Clearly CNN is far less concerned about their credibility as a news organization as they are about helping get Hillary elected as president. Hillary Clinton, in truth, is the worst candidate the Democrats have ever had. She herself has no credibility with the American people. Her entire public life has been rocked with scandal and corruption. She is constantly blaming everyone else and continuously being caught blatantly lying to the American people (and even to congress on certain occasions). Over the last few months, in particular, she has given the Republicans so much to talk about against her, that this truly is the Republicans’ election to lose. And yet there is a very good chance they will.

This week alone, Donald Trump should be talking about Hillary’s disastrous interview with Chris Wallace last Sunday. During this interview, Clinton stated that James Comey said she was being truthful in her answers in regards to her unsecured email server. This statement earned her 4 Pinnochio’s from the Washington Post. It was a flat out lie. When a candidate has a major problem with trustworthiness from the American people, delivering a flat out untrue statement in an interview is probably not the best thing to do. In the same interview, she doubled-down on calling the parents of Benghazi victims liars. She also stated that there was no connection between her work at the state department and the money made by the Clinton Foundation during that particular time. Considering that she has such a low trustworthiness rating, and considering one of her statements in the interview was deemed a lie, Trump could have been spending the last 3 days talking about the fact that Americans just cannot trust anything she says. He could have pointed out that she is the one always caught in lies, not the Benghazi family members. And he could have thrown out there the idea that if she lies about so many things, how could anyone believe she is telling the truth in regards to the Clinton Foundation?

It also came out last week that our economy grew by a dismal 1.2% in the second quarter. All elections are heavily about the economy. It is always the most important thing in voters minds. Hillary Clinton just finished a convention in which she worked to tie herself very closely with Obama’s administration. Trump should be talking about this non-stop. He should be pointing out the fact that Hillary will just be a third Obama term, and that if people do not feel satisfied with their economic situation now, they should not vote for her.

These are just two topics that Trump could be harping on this week that are terrible for Hillary. But he’s not. Instead, he decided to engage in a personal conflict with a gold star family. Instead, he decided to criticize fire marshals. Instead, he decided to kick a baby out of his rally. Instead, he decided to accept a gift of a Purple Heart medal by stating that he always wanted one and this was an easier way to get one. Instead, he decided to continue his personal vendetta against Paul Ryan and John McCain, both of whom have endorsed him, by stating that he was not supporting either in their primary. Again, I am well aware of the fact that the media are all out to get Trump, and completely in the pocket of the DNC and Clinton. But why is Trump GIVING them so much to talk about? And while CNN and MSNBC will clearly choose to only go after Trump, there are so many other media outlets for him to get his message across that if he would just stick to the point, his message would assuredly get out there, and I believe would resonate, with the American people.

I am not a politician, a professional political pundit, working for a campaign, or a member of the main stream media. I am just an average American, raising my kids, trying to do the best for my family, and paying attention to what is going on in the world so that I can make an informed decision in November. And as someone who is paying attention, I will say this: Donald Trump has said a lot of really stupid stuff, but what Hillary Clinton has actually DONE while in positions of leadership is far more frightening. Her decision to have a private server in her home that most likely resulted in American national security being compromised is far more concerning to me than some snide comment by Trump saying that he “hopes” the Russians are able to find her emails. This would never be an issue if she hadn’t compromised national security in the first place. I do not approve of Trump choosing to have a personal fight with a gold star military family, but that is far less concerning to me considering it was not in any way Trump’s policies that resulted in the death of Captain Khan. It WAS Hillary Clinton’s policies and incompetency as Secretary of State that led to the Embassy in Benghazi not having adequate security, resulting in the deaths of four Americans. It WAS Hillary Clinton who proceeded to lie to the American people, and the family members of the victims, about the event being the result of a video protest instead of a terrorist attack. And today, while CNN is continuing to send out Tweets about Trump kicking a baby out of his rally, I am far more concerned with the idea of this administration having paid $400 million dollars to Iran in what appears to be ransom for our prisoners, something that is against US policy, and for a very good reason. I am far more concerned about ISIS terror attacks happening in my hometown. I am far more concerned about the ongoing war against our police officers. I am far more concerned with my family’s ability to pay our bills and provide a good financial future for our children.

The main stream media is a joke. I will not argue against that. And for as many problems and frustrations that I do have with Donald Trump, his behavior, the things he says, and my concerns about having him as our President, there is no comparison to the criminality, corruption, and pathological behavior that Hillary Clinton has actually demonstrated in her time in office. Trump NEEDS to get his act together if he wants to beat her in November. He NEEDS to focus on her problems, focus on having his policy positions be clear in time for the debates, and refrain from these distractions that everyone is throwing at him. Unfortunately, I am truly losing my faith in his ability, or desire, to do so. He has a lot to prove over the next 3 months, and I only hope it is not already too late.

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump

I read the most absurd opinion piece yesterday, written by Peggy Drexler and published by CNN (of course), entitled “The Surprising Secret to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Marriage“. It was quite possibly one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read, and that is truly saying something. The point and purpose of the article was to outline how the Clinton’s marriage is the ideal modern role model for marriage, and how people can look at how they have walked through many challenges and difficult times and yet stayed together as proof that if she can keep her marriage together, then should she win the presidency the country is in capable hands.

I was literally dumbfounded as I read this. When Hillary Clinton announced she was running for president in the 2016 election cycle, the strength and example of her marriage was not something that I, nor any sane person in America, would ever have assumed would have been one of her selling points. Americans know that Bill Clinton is a chronic womanizer and has had numerous affairs on his wife. They know that women have accused him of sexual assault and even rape. And many assume that the only reason Hillary stayed with him was for her own political gain (Drexler calls people who have made that assumption “cynical”. The word “realistic” also works.) In fact, it was kind of taken as a give-in that anyone supporting Hillary for president would just kind of overlook her marriage, or not focus on it, or state that it is not a deal-breaker in their support for her. All of those are actually fine arguments to make. No one in their right mind would have thought that you would have people actually coming out with articles talking about what a wonderful marriage they have, built on love and mutual respect. For most Americans, a spouse who has committed infidelities throughout a couple’s marriage is not exemplary of what marriage should be. Having a husband who has been accused by multiple women of sexual assault is not just the normal everyday challenges that most couples face. She uses the term “modern” marriage, as if that makes it any more acceptable. No, Ms. Drexler, this is not and should not be exemplary of any marriage in America, now or ever.

However, this article just further proves something that I have been saying about our society for a long time: Americans have a bad habit of forming our opinions of situations based on the people involved, and not on the actions or facts. We have a bad habit of defending the indefensible when the person committing the act is an ally, and condemning the actions when the person committing them is an adversary. The fact that so many women in America who claim to be feminists, claim to fight against “rape culture“, claim to be for women’s rights, can support and be excited about Hillary being the first woman president, and also have a positive view of Bill Clinton, is a shining example of this problem.

For the last 8 years, this has been my biggest problem with Obama’s supporters. No matter what he said, what he did, what situations in our nation or in our world came to, his proponents defended him, with only a few exceptions. His supporters have defended his unconstitutional executive orders, even though the courts have struck them down. They have defended his politicizing of our country’s tragedies, while simultaneously condemning conservatives who speak about political issues too close to a tragedy. They have defended his foreign policy, even through the rise and spread of ISIS, and the disasters that are Iraq, Iran, Libya, and Syria. They defended him when it took 5 entire days to order the flags in the country down to half staff after the military murders in Chattanooga, but was able to light up the white house in rainbow colors the night of the Supreme Court Gay Marriage ruling. There are even people who are still defending his “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” promise that was a complete and utter lie.

In the 2016 election cycle, this mentality has now spilled over to both sides of the aisle. This weekend Hillary Clinton was on Chris Wallace’s Sunday show and flat out said, and I quote, “Director Comey said my answers were truthful” when referring to what she told the American people about sending classified information over her unsecured email server. No, no he didn’t. In fact, he blatantly said just the opposite. But as I sit and listen to her flat out lie, once again, directly to the American people, I ask myself, “how can she get away with it?”.

The answer is this: Tomorrow, when some of the media are critical of her on her lies, she will have her people go out and spin it, and her ardent followers will believe the spin and continue to defend and justify what she said. The TRUTH is that she told a flat out lie. James Comey said the direct opposite of what she claimed. But it doesn’t matter. Her people will defend all her lies, while calling out any time Trump lies, because she is their candidate and he is not.

The strongest Trump supporters do the exact same thing. In the Michelle Fields incident, when Fields accused then-Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski of grabbing her roughly by the arm and pulling her away from Trump, Trump’s campaign came out and said the incident never happened, that Fields was lying and that Lewandowski never touched her. Then a video emerged showing Lewandowski grabbing Michelle Fields by the arm and pulling her away from Trump. The Trump supporters proceeded to say that Fields exaggerated the incident, that he didn’t grab her that hard and that it was hardly a situation worth filing a police report over. Ok, maybe… but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the Trump campaign flat out LIED about the incident to begin with. If you would have told most of Trump’s supporters two years ago that there was a candidate running for president in 2016 that said that George W. Bush lied to get us into Iraq, those people would have assumed it was the Democratic candidate saying that, and probably would have ridiculed that person for “blaming Bush for everything”. If you would have told most of Donald Trump’s supporters two years ago that someone running for president would have said that John McCain was not a war hero because he was captured, those people would have been infuriated. But throughout the primary, when Trump said one ridiculous thing after another, his supporters not only stuck with him, but actually defended the ridiculous things he was saying.

So many Americans are unhappy with our two choices of candidates in this election, but the truth is that it is our fault that we have come down to these two people. Americans need to stop making excuses for terrible behavior just because the person committing the act is someone we like, while simultaneously condemning the person we don’t like for their bad actions. We need to make judgments and stand up for a set standard of morals, values, and principles, and call out everyone equally for doing things that are offensive to those standards. I can respect someone who says honestly that Trump’s actions in the Michelle Fields case were out of line, that acknowledge that his campaign clearly lied, but who says that based on Trump’s policy positions, and their fear of a Hillary Clinton presidency, they will choose to support him anyway and not make that a deal breaker. I can respect someone who acknowledges Hillary Clinton is a liar and is corrupt but says they will vote for her anyway because her policies are more closely aligned with theirs. I may disagree, but I can respect that. After all, realistically, one of these two is going to be president, so our options are extremely limited. What I cannot respect, what I cannot understand, are how so many Americans can defend the bad actions of these two candidates because they are choosing to support them. No candidate is perfect, and you are not going to agree with everything a candidate says or approve of everything a candidate does. This is true. However, it seems that in today’s society, we are moving further and further away from acknowledging and calling out the candidates, even our own, for bad behavior, and moving to a point where we are defending ridiculous and sometimes even criminal behavior, just for the sake of politics.

The fact that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the two candidates we ended up with in this election cycle is a direct result of this behavior on the part of the American people. We pick a side, and defend that side at all costs, including the cost of our own values, principles, and integrity. As long as Americans engage in this practice, as long as we allow double standards to take place, as long as we have political pundits putting out spin for their candidates that Americans blindly repeat, we will continue to have terrible politicians representing us.

Hillary Clinton

I am a woman who doesn’t care that Hillary Clinton is the first woman to secure the nomination of a major political party in America, or that she could be the first woman President of the United States. Over the last week we have heard a lot about this historical moment, and there are a lot of people saying that even if you don’t like her politics, you should acknowledge the historical aspect of this moment and be proud of it if you are a woman. There are many women who say that even if they don’t like her, this is an inspiring moment. To me, this is such backwards thinking disguised as progressivism.

First of all, I don’t buy into identity politics. The idea that an aspect of a person that they have absolutely no control over, such as their gender or race, is a reason to support someone for President of the United States is as absurd as saying that you would NOT support someone because of their gender or race. In America, it is not acceptable by the general population to demean someone because of their gender or race, so why on earth should we celebrate someone because of it? Hillary Clinton did not choose to be a female, she was born that way. The fact that she is a female adds nothing to her qualifications (or in this case, lack thereof) to be the leader of the free world. What does Hillary’s being a female do to help me, as an American citizen, live in a better America? Does her gender help our wages to go up? Does her gender help to combat ISIS? Does her gender help to stop mass shootings? Does her gender alone help to improve anything in our country or lives? Living in America in 2016, in a country that is a melting pot for different races, genders, cultures, religions, etc., you would think that the focus when choosing someone for a job, including that of President, would be solely based on qualifications and not based on gender or race. You would think that after all of the feminists fought so hard for companies and businesses to not look at a person’s gender in determining if they are qualified for the job, they would want to do the same in this situation. You would think that we’d have gotten to a point where we recognize that just because someone is female, or black, or Asian, or tall, or short, or brown-eyed, or blue-eyed, doesn’t mean they are more or less qualified for a position. You would think we would focus on achievements and competence.

Some may say that her gender gives her a female perspective so she is more likely to focus on issues that matter to women. Except that when you look at her as a person, and her history and what she has actually DONE, it’s clear that she does not fight for women. Someone who fights for women doesn’t go after her husband’s sexual assault victims to discredit them. Someone who fights for women doesn’t accept money from foreign countries that treat women as second class citizens. Even her views of abortion are only in line with 14% of the population, as most women in America do not believe that abortion in the third trimester should be legal. So not only does her gender alone not necessarily make her an advocate for women, but we have selected a woman whose ACTIONS have been against the interests and well being of women. Have the lives of blacks in America improved because of the first black president? Not according to statistics, and the fact that 65% of people in America believe that race relations in our country are currently problematic.

Second of all, I do not need Hillary Clinton to become the first female president in order for me to be able to tell my daughters that they can do anything that they strive for, including being President of the United States. I could tell my daughters that anyway. The idea that women are somehow still held back in America until a woman becomes president, and the idea that somehow a woman becoming president breaks down all sorts of other barriers, is just untrue. There is no reason why one of my girls cannot become President of the United States, or the CEO of a corporation, or cannot start her own successful business, whether or not Hillary wins. It’s not like if Hillary loses the election, I will have to sit down and tell my daughters, “well, I guess you can’t achieve your dreams”. In fact, I think it is dangerous for parents to over-emphasize the significance in Hillary’s gender role in all of this. By doing so, you are telling them that they SHOULD focus on gender when making judgements about others. You are telling them that unless Hillary Clinton, or some other famous woman, accomplishes her goals, then my girls can’t accomplish their goals. If Hillary loses the election, I would still tell my daughters they could be President if they strived for it. If Hillary loses the election, I will still tell my daughters that as long as they work hard and have integrity, they will be able to accomplish their dreams.

Third of all, I do not want my daughters looking up to Hillary Clinton because she stands for everything that I stand against. I do not want my daughters to think that it is ok to lie and put others down in order to get ahead. I don’t want my daughters to stay with a man who is a womanizer just because they will get farther in their professional life if they stay with him. I do not want my daughters to think that there is a different set of rules for the political class to play by than there is for the rest of us. I don’t want my daughters to think that it is ok to be corrupt and disregard laws and rules as long as you have already reached a certain level of money and power. I do not want my daughters to think it is ok to sacrifice their principles for money and power. I do not want my daughters to look at the first woman president and say, “wow, she was so corrupt and unscrupulous, but everyone celebrated her anyway because she was a woman”. My daughters, and my son, will be taught to live their lives with integrity and good character, to put their values above their wallets or ambitions. Therefore, I do not want Hillary Clinton as a role model for my kids. And the idea that just because she is a woman, she represents me or anything that I believe in, is the epitome of sexism.

As a mere historical fact, should Hillary win the election, it will be noted that Hillary Clinton was the first woman President of the United States. Other than that, there is nothing in particular that should be celebrated about a woman becoming President. It does not mean that she will be a good President, and it does not mean she will be a bad President. Her gender, in fact and in practice, actually means nothing at all. It is all just a blind, backwards way of thinking designed to get people excited about an otherwise un-exciting candidate.

Bernie Sanders Supporter Protester DNC 2016

This Democratic convention seems to have a very disturbing underlying theme, and it is one that I believe accurately reflects the current state of the party and of liberals in America. That is the theme of criminality: the party supports criminal behavior, and does not support rule of law or enforcing American laws.

Yesterday on the opening day of the convention, they highlighted a young girl and her illegal immigrant mother. This girl told her very sad story of how she is constantly afraid every day that her parents are going to get deported. She also told of how Hillary Clinton told her that she was very “brave”. Well, her mother cannot be too afraid of deportation if she chooses to go and stand on a national stage in front of the entire country and declare that she is here illegally. She cannot be that afraid of being deported if she is going to put herself out there and declare that she is a law-breaker. Because that is what she is – a lawbreaker. She has broken the laws of our country by coming into it and living here illegally. So what is the message that the democratic party is sending by having this person speak? That this particular law doesn’t matter. We do not like this law, so we advocate just ignoring it. We support people who ignore this law, and we want to assist them to continue ignoring this law as much as we can. President Obama’s executive orders on immigration were deemed unconstitutional by the courts because, well, they were. A president, a candidate, or any other individual person in America cannot just decide that they do not like a particular law and therefore rule that as a nation we no longer have to enforce that law. If Donald Trump were to become president and were to sign an executive order stating that all gun control measures currently on the books, including background checks, were not going to be enforced because he doesn’t like them, would we as a nation be ok with that? No, of course not. If you do not like a law on the books, there are channels to try to change the law. But choosing to just ignore a law that does not fit in with your party’s platform is not supposed to be an option. But the Democrats don’t seem to care.

Tonight, some of the speakers at the convention are “Mothers of the Movement”, and speaking are mothers of young black Americans who have died in police custody or at the hands of violence. One speaker in particular is the mother of Michael Brown of Ferguson Missouri. This is the same Michael Brown who the Eric Holder Justice Department concluded attacked a police officer and reached for the officer’s gun before being shot to death by the officer. They ruled that the “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative was completely FALSE, and that the officer not only acted in accordance with the law, but also did not violate Brown’s civil rights in any way. Even though that was the ruling by Obama’s Justice Department, officer Darren Wilson still had his livelihood taken from him. He lost his career, and his life will never be the same, when the courts found that he did nothing wrong. Michael Brown was a criminal whose own actions led to his death. In a time when we are seeing police officers murdered in the name of “Black Lives Matter justice”, in one of the deadliest years in recent history for police officers, the Democratic Party decides to have the mother of a criminal speak at their convention. It is a clear indication that facts and evidence do not matter; the only thing that matters is furthering the political agenda, even if that is only by trying to repeat something over and over again until people take it as fact. The fact that they are NOT having any family members of slain police officers speak indicates that they have chosen a side in this situation, and it is the side against the police. It is the side against waiting for facts and evidence to come out before making conclusions. There HAVE been cases where the police were deemed to have acted illegally, and have been charged for their crimes. But that is not who the Democrats are having come to speak. They are having the mother of Michael Brown, a criminal, once again choosing the side of criminality over law and order.

This is the same party that has been working hard across the country to give convicted felons back their right to vote. This is the same political party that, like in the state of California, is releasing thousands of criminals onto the streets early, and wondering why crime rates are increasing. This is the same political party that is systematically insulting police officers, and creating an atmosphere of tension and danger around the very people that are trusted to enforce the laws that our government passes.

But is this really surprising? When the Democratic Party is nominating a woman who, if it were not for her name and political connections, would be facing an indictment for putting national security at risk? The FBI concluded that she was “extremely careless” in her handling of classified information, and that she more than likely put national security at risk by doing so. Comey testified to congress that at the very least, she knowingly and willfully gave people with no security clearance (her lawyers) access to classified information. And he made sure to state that if someone else in the future does the same thing as her, this does not mean they will not face charges. This is the woman who, after Debbie Wasserman-Shultz resigns as chairwoman of the DNC over corruption and bias that worked to get Hillary elected over Bernie Sanders, promptly hires her to help with her campaign. This is a woman who clearly understands she is above the law. But it is not just her. It is a culture within the Democratic Party of 2016. Laws do not matter. Rules do not matter. Facts and evidence do not matter. Criminality does not matter. The only thing that matters is power.

Bernie Sanders Supporters at the DNC 2016

The Democratic Party is working diligently during this convention to portray themselves as the party of unity, both as a party that IS united, and a party that believes in uniting the country. The theme for the first night of the convention was “United Together”. But as the last 7 1/2 years have proven time and time again, what the Democrats say is vastly different from reality.

The big news over this last weekend of course was the WikiLeaks scandal surrounding the leaked DNC emails, which make a clear case that the DNC favored Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders in the primary, something that most Bernie supporters were suspicious of already. This has caused a major rift in the party, and has also caused Debbie Wasserman-Shultz to step down as the committee Chairwoman. It also became very clear today that there is no unity in the Democratic party, no matter what they want to portray to the masses. There were protests outside the convention hall tonight in which Bernie supporters took on their own chant of “lock her up”, much to the entertainment of many of us on the right. There were also times early in the day where the crowd boo-ed every time Hillary’s name was mentioned… not exactly what they wanted for the first day of the convention where she is to formally receive the party’s nomination. Bernie Sanders himself was boo-ed today during a speech before the convention when he said that people needed to vote for Clinton/Kaine. Democratic voters are angry, and rightly so. These are people who put in time and effort and money to a campaign that never had a chance of winning, because this was not really a primary but a coronation of Hillary Clinton from the beginning. Last week the Democrats were enjoying themselves ridiculing the Republicans for being so divided, and the truth is, the Republican Party IS divided. There are many in the Republican Party who cannot stand Donald Trump, and are only planning on voting for him to stop Hillary. There are also some who plan to not vote at all. But the Democratic Party is also divided. They are divided between people who actually believe in Hillary Clinton, and those who ardently wanted Bernie Sanders and cannot stand Hillary, just as much as certain Republicans cannot stand Donald Trump. The Democrats are, in fact a party divided as well.

But they are not only a party divided. They are a divisive party. Listening to the speeches tonight of Michelle Obama, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders, you would think this was a uniting party. You would think this was a party that wanted to include everyone, who wanted to work across the aisle with those they disagree with, who believe that this country is a wonderful place. It was kind of like President Obama’s speech after the Baton Rouge Police killings; that speech taken in a vacuum sounded great. But when put together with the president’s actions over the course of his presidency, you realized that the words did not match the actions. This is the same with the Democratic Party.

The reason our nation feels so divided today is not because of Donald Trump, who has only had a major national role for the last year or so. It is not because of the Republicans stopping everything Obama has wanted to do, as the Republicans have really not stopped very much on his agenda. It is because the Democratic Party has systematically been working to divide our country along every possible line there is.

The 2012 election was focused on the “war on women”. The Democratic Party created the fictitious war on women to distract from the failed policies of Obama’s first term. The narrative was that women are treated as second class citizens in America because we are forced to pay a co-pay for our birth control. Somehow, “binders full of women” became the most offensive thing that liberal women had ever heard. And as one acquaintance of mine wrote on her Facebook page the night Obama won re-election, “this is a great day for anyone with a uterus”. The democrats created a gender war in America.

Then, there is the class warfare. The rich not paying their “fair share”. The rich need to pay more so that we can give that money to the lower and middle classes in the forms of free healthcare, free college tuition, government cell phones, increase in food stamps and welfare recipients, cash for clunkers, etc. We now have an entire generation of college aged people who believe that they should get everything in life for free, paid for by the wealthy in this country. We have a generation who believes that socialism is a good thing. Class Warfare.

Then there are the racial divides. Americans feel that racial tensions in our country are the worst they have been for decades. And the Democrats have pushed that narrative hard. Every time a situation arises with a police officer and a black suspect, Barrack Obama decides to make a national address of it. We are told over and over that there is systematic racism in the police departments in America, including at memorials for slain police officers. It doesn’t matter that facts and evidence have often proven the president wrong, he and his minions continue to repeat the same rhetoric, which includes praising Black Lives Matter, a group whose members have been heard chanting calls for dead police officers.

But we are not done yet. We also have the religious divides. President Obama refuses to refer to Extremist Islamic Terrorism as what it is because he doesn’t want to offend anyone who is a Muslim. Yet he has no problem telling Christians to get off our high horses because of the Crusades (something that happened 700 years ago), or lecturing Christians to not be so intolerant of gays and transgender people by not wanting to participate in a gay wedding or not being ok with allowing men to use women’s shower facilities, locker rooms, and restrooms.

The thing is, the Democrats attack Republicans all the time, but when they are attacking Conservative values, they are attacking half of America.

Over the last 7 1/2 years, I have been called a bigot and a homophobe because I am a Christian. I have been called a sexist because I am pro-life. I have been called a racist because I believe that we should wait for facts and evidence before making determinations of a case, and because I support law enforcement. I have been called an Islamaphobe because I believe that there is a faction of the Muslim religion that is radicalized and is literally killing people. I have been called a xenophobe because I believe that we should secure our borders and follow the rule of immigration law in America. I have been blamed for every shooting death in America because I believe that an amendment in the constitution is actually a right guaranteed to citizens. I have been told that I cling bitterly to my bible and guns. And I have been told that anyone in America who disagrees with anything Barrack Obama has done as president is clearly only doing so because they cannot stand having a black man as president. Every time there is a national tragedy and the president comes out to speak, I can guarantee he is going to inject politics into his statement, regardless of the facts of the specific case or of any evidence or statistics that exist. When you have a president, or a political party, that has literally made talking about the weather potentially controversial, is it any wonder why America feels so divided?

So tonight, as I listen to the speeches by the primetime speakers, I think of the major disconnect between the words that liberals say and their actions. No, Donald Trump is not a unifying force on the Republican side. But for the Democrats to try to say they are the party of unity in any way, shape, or form, is just another instance of listen to what we say, and don’t look at what we do.